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Respected Devotess, PAMHO! My Name is Rajesh Haldar, I have created this domain to spread the messages of Lord Krishna and I hope it will show the path of salvation to all those people who have realized that this material world is nothing but full of miseries. The one and only identity of mine is that I am a Soul and my ultimate goal is to return to the Lotus feet of Radha Madhav. To me, Death is the ultimate exam and each day of my life has been allotted to get prepared for it.

rajesh haldar

Rajesh Haldar

Well, I am not a full time blogger and this domain I have not created to earn money, so in order to survive I go to office. ๐Ÿ™‚ For last 6.6 years I have been working in Grmtech and I love working in that company. ๐Ÿ™‚ Not because of the fact that it pays me decent, but this is a place where I have learned many things in terms of both, personal & professional. This is a company staying where I have been continuously witnessing the ups and downs of my life.

Since born I was not a die hard devotee, but just used to enjoy any spiritual events like Laxmi Puja, Satyanarayan Puja, Ganesh Chaturthi and all. Other than that I was just like any other ignorant characters, life became worst as time passed by, specially when I started witnessing frequent Ups & Downs in my Love Life. However, I never stopped and I believe in Moving on. To know about my past life you guys need to wait a bit, in future I have a plan to publish one book which will have a story written by me, the name of the story in Bengali will be โ€œTin Naariโ€ (3 Ladies) & in English it will be named as โ€œLife in Limited Versionโ€œ. Few parts of that story are directly related to my past & few are fictitious. ย However, you guys need to wait as I need to get it copyrighted. My Life took a U turn since 7th December, 2013 when after making excuses for long, finally I decided to visit the holy land of Mayapur along with my parents. When I reached Mayapur, then it was something like I was in some other world, when I had the first glimpse of the Archa-Bigraha of Radha-Madhav in Iskcon Chandrodaya Temple, then I just kept on watching Lord Krishna, the very question that had arisen in my mind was, why I did not come earlier. After offering puja had Prasadam in the afternoon and went for a Boat journey at Ganges where first time I participated in Sankirtan, was playing with the holy water of Mata Ganga, and finally on next morning we returned home. But by the time I returned, the holy land had already itโ€™s effect upon me, Krishna blessed me, I had Upanishad with me and many other scriptures written byย A. C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada. So, since then, many major changes have taken place in life, one major thing has happened, i.e; my lady love has passed away, however by Madhavโ€™s grace I am moving on..

I am dedicating this blog Rajeshhaldar.com to Radha Madhav and in future if I will start earning from it then the same will be contributed for the service of Lord Krishna only. Any one who wishes to come up with any ideas, please feel free to drop a message to: rajeshrocks[.]kolkata[at]gmail[.]com. Hare Krsihna! ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “About Rajesh

  1. Rubi Dogra

    Hare Krishna!!
    Please accept my humble obeisance. I am so glad to read your articles and thankful too that you shared such a valuable information .
    May Krishna! Bless you looking forward for more .Thanks a Lot!!!!

  2. abhishek

    Jai Nitai Rajesh ji,

    Charano mein Dandavat Pranaam!

    I stumbled out on your blog, while in the midst of searching some stuff in the internet, and what a wonderful blogs and articles that you have written. It is only by the causeless mercy of Radha Rani and shyama sundar, that one can have divine association with vaishnav and hari bhaktas like you. Please bless me prabhu, so that I can attain true devotion, faith and absolutely surrender and prem at the lotus of Shree Yugal Kishore.

    Your’s servant and lowliest of creature,

    1. rajtheadmin Post author

      Respected Abhishek Ji, Jai Gour, Jai Nitai. Please accept my humble obeisances, please don’t consider yourself as lowliest of creature, you are already a devotee. I am overwhelmed to read your generous words that you have showered upon me. However, I am not yet a devotee, just trying to swim across this Vab sagar. You are right, Radha Maa & Krishna whom I consider as my Parents, they really blessed me, that’s the reason all these articles have been written, but it was not me who wrote all these, rather, it was the causeless mercy of Radha Madhav & their own energy that made write all these articles.

      Prabhu Ji, please bless me so that I keep getting blessed by Radha Madhav & always stay in touch with me. Thank you. Hare Krishna. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Manoj Kumar Das

    Harekrishna Rajesh prabhu.I have gone through the articles published by you.I have been overwhelmed . I am not even a servent of shrikrishna bhagaban.Without the kripa of him will not made a step towards bhakti marg. May god bless you anxiously awating for your next step.

    Manoj Das


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