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Ramayan: Why Devi Sita had to go to Patal Loka at the end?

Dear Devotees, this is the post which I am going to make now, is in the response I have received against my last post where I explained that it was not the real Sita, but the Maya Sita who was abducted by Ravana. One of my fellow colleagues wants to know that “if it’s what it is, Prabhu Rama has performed the agni yajna to get back his real wife Sita Devi, then why at the end, she went back under the earth (Patala) after Rama proposed another agni yajna after she came back from exile”, the answer of this question was given in one of my previous posts where I explained “What actually caused separation to Lord Rama & Sita“. In that post I told that Mata Sita was cursed by two birds (Tota & Mayna) as when she will get pregnant then she will be separated from Lord Rama and the cause of separation will be intense rumor. So after returning from exile of 14 years Lord Rama was ruling successfully. One day in disguise he started visiting separate places of Ayodhya in order to check if all the people of Ayodhya are living happily or not, suddenly he reached a place where he found a person to have argument with his wife, by profession both were washer men. The reason of their argument was that last day they fought hard, and as a result the wife got so much angry that just in order to maintain distance from her husband she slept in a neighbor’s place, now for that reason the husband was not ready to accept his wife as he started doubting regarding her chastity. In response to that the wife mentioned the example of Raja Ram, she said even after spending so many nights in Ravana’s place if Raja Ram can accept Sita as his wife then why can’t he follow the same, in reply to that then the husband said that had he been in Ram’s place then he would have never accepted Devi Sita as his wife. When Lord Rama listened to that, then he instantly returned to the palace and ordered Laxman to leave Sita in the hermitage of Rishi Valmiki permanently. And Devi Sita was pregnant at that point of time when he took this decision. Lord Rama never wanted his wife to be banished like this, but we need to remember that he was not like any other general person, rather he was an ideal king, and for any ideal king carrying out the Rajdharma is first priority rather than playing the role of an ideal husband. Had he not banished Mata Sita then the issue could have erupted as huge chaos and people would have started raising questions regarding his dedication or devotion towards the Rajdharma. So to stop all these things, banishing Sita was the only option left to Rama.

But now I am giving you the important info regarding the couple who were fighting on that night whom Lord Rama noticed, can you guess their identity? It was none other than both the birds who died cursing Sita in their previous birth, so according to the curse they took their revenge. And Raja Ram too had 1 curse left which was given by Rishi Bhrigu. So it was time to honor the curses of everyone and Lord Rama had shown the example of detachment to his citizen, because for any common man, his wife or children or family will be his top priority and he will always remain materially attached to all these things instead of progressing in the path of spiritual development, but being the ultimate God head Lord Rama had to show them the example and the high level of detachment towards material objects which he did. This is the reason he was known as MARYADA PURUSHOTTAM.
luv kush
Though it was too tough for Laxman, yet he had to leave his mother like Sita in the forest. He told, “Mata, let’s go and meet some Sages in the forest today”, listening to that Mata Sita became very happy as she was getting chance to do the Satsang, so she followed Laxman and boarded on the chariot, Laxman took her to the dense forest, then after some time Devi Sita started feeling thirsty and asked Laxman to arrange water soon. By that time Laxman already came near to the hermitage of Rishi Valmiki, Laxman told Mata Sita to get off from chariot and wait for a short while so that he can fetch water for her, telling this Laxman left the place, as Mata Sita was too much tired for the journey so she got slept off, later when she opened her eyes then discovered a letter was left for her by Laxman where it was written that Lord Rama has banished her, reading that letter Mata Sita cried like anything, to see her condition all the animals of the forest surrounded her, ducks brought water for her, the Lion said “Mata, as I am the king of this Jungle, so I am promising that you will have no problem to face, may be Lord Rama has left you, but we, the children of yours will always take care of you Mata”. By that time few sages already heard the crying voice of Sita and they took her to the ashram of Valmiki. Later Mata Sita gave birth to her child Luv. One day she left for Jungle in order to arrange dry woods, everyday she used to keep Luv in the ashram itself, but on that day she took him along with her. When Rishi Valmiki did not find Luv in the hut, then thinking of the possibility of being attacked by some ferocious animals, he thought that if Sita will not find her son after returning then out of grief she will go mad. So he took a Kush (durva or Grass of a specific kind) and made a twin of Luv who was looking exactly like him. Later when Mata Sita was returning to the ashram then Rishi Valmiki saw Luv in her lap, then he told everything to Devi Sita and proposed to terminate the existence of Kush, at this, Mata Sita requested him not to do so and started upbringing both. Luv & Kush continued to read Ramayana from Rishi Valmiki. Once when Lord Rama was performing Ashvamedha Yajna then Luv & Kush captured the horses of the yajna in the forest. Then situation became like that when Lord Rama had to come himself to rescue the horses from Lav Kush as his other brothers were already defeated by both of them, but with the intervention of Hanuman & Rishi Valmiki the war did not take place between father & son, actually Lord Rama knew very well about the identity of Luv, Kush. However he had to make the Lila(Divine play). Finally Lord Rama wanted to bring Devi Sita and his sons back to Ayodhya, for this he requested to Rishi Valmiki to bring them all to the Rajsava.

sita patal prabeshHowever, when they were brought, then again few dirty minded people started raising questions regarding Sita Mata’s character to which Ram Chandra’s heart was broken, however, he requested Mata Sita to prove her chastity once again by walking through the fire, but this time Mata Sita took extreme step, she gave pariksha for one more time, but called her mother the Bhumi Devi and took the final refuge to her. In this way she gave the last proof of her chastity.

Actually, this was the time when Lord Rama had to return to the Vaikuntha, because Luv, Kush was already prepared to rule the kingdom. So he sent Mata Sita first to Vaikuntha and later along with his brothers and other allies he left the mortal body by the bank of river Sarayu and left for Vaikuntha. In this way through out the life Raja Ram and Mata Sita went on making sacrifices and bore pain, but in return they always gave blessings only to everyone. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Mata Sita, Jai Hanuman, Hare Krishna.

Ramayan – Had Devi Sita really been abducted by Ravana? Know the Truth

Was Mata Sita ever been stolen or abducted by Ravana?
No, she was never stolen or got abducted, but was exchanged with Maya Sita(unreal Sita), the Maya sita is also known as Chaya Sita who was the reincarnation of Vedavati. As per the Skanda Purana, before Ravana came to abduct Devi Sita she was already got replaced by Agni dev’s own wife Swaha and further she was taken to the Pataal Loka. Later Lord Vishnu thanked Agni dev for this help.

Who are Vedbati & Swaha?
Vedbati was the daughter of Kusadhvaja who is the son of Brihaspati(the Guru of demigods). Bramharshi Kusadhvaja spent his entire life by studying the Vedas and when his daughter was born, he named her as Vedavati. Vedavati’s father always wanted Lord Vishnu to be the husband of his daughter, so according to that she started meditating to get Vishnu as her husband. She was very beautiful and as a result many powerful Kings wanted to marry her, however she rejected everyone & concentrated hard in meditation. Many days passed by in this way. Later, one day Ravana found Vedavati when she was meditating, impressed by her beauty Ravana proposed to marry her, but Vedavati strongly rejected him and told that she has already accepted the Lord Vishnu as her husband, so she can not accept anyone else in this world, but hearing this Ravana got furious and in many way he tried to defame Lord Vishnu, but when each time he got rejected strongly then he grabbed her hair, then the fuming Vedavati instantly cut off her hair and said that in front of his eyes she will now enter into the fire and die, but she will reborn and become the reason of the destruction of Ravana. In her next birth this Vedavati became the wife of Agni Dev as “Swaha”. So it was not the real Sita whom Ravana abducted, rather it was Maya Sita, the wife of Agni Dev. Vedavati did not curse Ravana as the same could have exhausted her tapobal(penance power), rather she accepted to return in other age and become the cause of Ravana’s destruction. Lord Vishnu never lets his devotees to suffer, Mata Sita was definitely his wife, but more than that she was a true devotee, as a result she protected the real Sita with help of Agni Dev, and the Maya Sita or Vedavati too was his devotee, but before her death in previous birth as she said it to be the reason of Ravana’s destruction, so Lord Rama had to allow Vedavati to get abducted, or else the supreme Lord would have never let it happen.
abduction of maya sita
I am telling you one more fact which will prove that the real Sita Mata was more than enough to kill Ravana of her own, it was not required even to intervene Lord Rama to save Devi Sita. We all know about the heavy bow that was given to King Janak by Lord Shiva, the bow was so much heavy that whenever for any reason there was any requirement of bringing the same to the sava (assembly) then many elephants used to be engaged to execute that, but Devi Sita was capable enough to lift the bow with mere left hand of her. Everyday Devi Sita used to clean the surrounding area of the bow where it used to be kept so that her father can come and perform the nitya puja(daily worship) to the bow. One day the king noticed that today mud has been applied beneath the bow too, seeing that he was astonished and called mata Sita and came to know that it was her own daughter who did so, even Devi Janki again lifted the bow in front of Janak with one hand and shown him that how easy it was for her to lift it. So dear friends, just imagine the immense power of Devi Sita, this was the same bow that could not have been moved even a inch by 10 kings even with their joint efforts, more than that Ravana who used to claim himself as the most powerful king on earth, also failed to lift it, then how come you think that the same person could have abducted Devi Sita. It was impossible. 🙂

During the 1 year period the real Sita was in the refuge of Agni Dev, and the Maya Sita was in the Ashok Vatika with the same intense pain of separation from Lord Ram and Lord Ram too had the same feeling of separation. When in Ram avtar Lord Vishnu came on earth then it used to be called as “Maryada Purushottam” & he was 1 Patni vrata(promised to have only 1 wife), so it was not possible for him to accept Vedavati and in 2nd incarnation Vedavati also became the wife of Agni dev as Swaha. So Lord Ram had to make arrangements[Agni Parikshya] so that the actual Sita again can be brought back after Ravana was killed. And the same Devi Swaha was later reborn as Devi Padmavati whom we consider as the form of Goddess Laxmi itself, and in this 3rd reincarnation finally she got Lord Vishnu as her husband [Consort of Sri Venkateshwara]
sita's agni parishya
Agni Parikshya of Devi Sita: Lord Rama had no doubt about the virtuousness or the chastity of Devi Sita, however the actual intention of Lord Rama was to bring the real Sita back from Agni Dev, so he made a Lila [Divine Play] out there, to prove the chastity he allowed Devi Sita to walk through the fire and then Agni Dev himself appeared before Ram Chandra and handed over the real Sita to him, so it was the 2nd time when both, the actual Sita and Maya Sita changed their places again.

And without knowing all these facts shamelessly we raise fingers against Lord Rama. Specially I see the modern society and the women who raise these issues anywhere & almost everywhere in the society and start debating. But dear Moms & Sisters, it would be my humble request to all of you to read our bonafide shastras or Vedas or scriptures before making as such any issues, otherwise unknowingly you are committing sins, do you think that Devi Sita enjoys when you make statement against her beloved Lord Rama. please don’t forget that devotees can tolerate all the humiliation and pains, but we the devotees can’t tolerate anything against our Lord. So think thousand times in future before committing such sinful activity. Chant Hare Krishna Maha Mantra & be happy in Life. 🙂

Unknown Facts of Ramayan – What actually caused separation to Lord Rama and Sita

Finally the time has come when I am going to narrate the reason for which Sita Mata & Lord Rama got separated in Ramayan. Perhaps today it’s the perfect time when I can try to write something on Ramayan Katha, because tonight it’s the auspicious night of Diwali(started writing this post on 23rd of Oct). This is the festival which originated since Ram avtar, on this very day Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya with Mata Sita & Laxman after the 14 years of long exile, so out of joy people of Ayodhya enlightened their houses with Deep(lamp). Deepavali, if I will split the word then it will be like Deep(lamp) & wali which means too many, so when too many dia/deeps will be enlightened together then it will be the victory of Light over darkness, good over evil and our heart will be filled with wisdom. However, to many of us certain things of Ramayan raise too many questions, i.e; why Lord Rama got separated with Mata Sita for so many times, even after being the God head why Lord Rama banished Mata Sita just paying importance to rumors spread by mere Washer men? Isn’t it strange? Perhaps your answer will be Yes, even to me this was strange, but not now as I have finally come to know the real facts through Bhagwat Katha & Ramayan Katha. Now I will be sharing the same with all of you.

Actually Lord Rama and Mata Sita both eventually got cursed, but before revealing the details about the curses, let me tell you one thing very clearly that it was really possible for any sages to curse any demigods during the age of Satya, Treta & Dwapar yugs, but it was impossible to curse Lord Vishnu and Mahadev until they used to accept the curse. In case of Lord Vishnu he got cursed twice, once by Narada Muni & later by Rishi Bhrigu.

narad cursing vishnuNarada muni curses Lord Vishnu: Once muni Narada started meditating in a Tapovan which was specially blessed by Lord Shiva as whoever will penance in that grove, no one will be able to disturb him in his penace. But this was an unknown fact to Narada, in between when Devraj Indra got scared thinking the possible reasons for which Narada muni is meditating, he sent Agni, Pawan & Varun dev, but failing to break Narad muni’s meditation they returned to Indra, then Indra sent to kamdev with nymphs and dancing girls, but consecutively he also returned to Indra with defeated face. On this, Narada muni started feeling proud of himself, as the special blessing of Mahadev on that grove was unknown to Narada, so he started thinking that perhaps it’s his tremendous power within himself that has defeated all the demigods. Later he met Lord Vishnu and boasted about his enormous power, at this Lord Vishnu smiled and applauded him. But as the proud feelings was on the rise in Narada, so Lord Vishnu decided to stop it, for this he made a Lila (Divine play). One day while traveling Narada muni saw a beautiful princess who was dancing then in a garden, seeing her Narada desired to know her identity. Later he came to know that the princess was Viswamohini, the daughter of Shilanidhi. Seeing Narad muni the king requested him to see the palm of his daughter and forecast what is written in her luck. When Narada muni checked her palm then he saw that the girl will prove to be really lucky as whoever will marry her, will become the king of 3 worlds. He also came to know that soon the sayamvar sava will be held where the princess will choose the husband of her own choice. Thinking all these Narada decided to marry the princess. After this Narada straight away went to Vaikuntha and asked for help from Lord Vishnu, he requested to bless him with most distinctive and most handsome look so that the princess chooses only to him in the Sayamvar sava. After that he paused for sometimes and after deep thinking he again added as “Oh Lord, please give me your look, I need the Hari look”, listening to that Vishnu granted the boon to Narada. But Hari means Vanar (Monkey), so Narada actually got the Monkey look who dressed like a prince. In the sayamvar sava when the princess looked at Narada then she laughed at his look and made fun of. In that sava Lord Vishnu was also there as the last Prince whom Viswamohini proceeded to offer the Varmala (garland), when Narada chased her and wanted to get the Varmala by force then Lord Vishnu came in between and accepted the varmala, in this way finally the princess got married to Lord Vishnu. Actually Viswamohini was none other than the Goddess Laxmi. 🙂 When Narada discovered that he was looking like a monkey then he cursed Lord Vishnu saying that the way he has lost his beloved because of Vishnu, similarly Vishnu too will have to remain as separated from his wife Laxmi for one year. Listening to that Lord Vishnu said Tathastu(so be it). And in this way he accepted the curse of Narada, had he wanted to reject Narad Muni’s curse, he could have done so as he was capable to do it, but he accepted, the reason I will tell you later at the end. Now let’s move on to the 2nd curse.

bhrigu curses vishnuRishi Bhrigu curses to Lord Vishnu: This incident is related to the Uttar kand. Once there was a time when war was being held between demigods and demons, in that war Lord Vishnu also took part on behalf of demigods. Incidentally few demons escaped the war field and Bhrigu Patni(wife of Rishi Bhrigu) gave them shelter in the ashram(hermitage) and promised to protect them. Lord Vishnu asked her to leave the path and allow him to fight with those demons, but she refused and told Vishnu that if he really wants to fight with those demons then he will have to kill her first, or else she won’t move from the path. But Lord Vishnu refused to do so as she was a woman. Then voluntarily she chose the death instead of leaving her promise unfulfilled and ended her life. When Rishi Bhrigu came to know the fact then he got angry and cursed Vishnu that the way he is feeling pain now loosing her beloved, similarly Lord Vishnu too will be separated from Mata Laxmi during his Ram avtar and feel immense pain. Lord Vishnu also accepted it with smile.

Now I will be explaining the curse that Mata Laxmi got.

Curse to Mata Laxmi: Before the sayamvar sava took place, one day Mata Sita went to roam in a forest accompanied by Sakhis (female friends), while roaming Mata Sita found a tree where a Tota & his female partner Mayna was discussing many things about the Prince Rama, listening to that Mata Sita asked her sakhis to get both the birds and bring them to her. When both were presented in front of Maa Sita then she asked – “He Sukh(Parriot), who are you, where do you live, who the person is about whom you both were discussing so much”. Then the male Parrot said “He Devi, we are the Tota & Mayna of Maharshi Valmiki, we live in the hermitage of Rishi Valmiki itself, we have seen him writing a grantha which name he has chosen as Ramayana. In that Ramayana there is the god naming as Rama who will marry to Mata Janki.”. Then Mata Sita further asked to the Bird “How Lord Rama looks like?” Hearing that the Bird said “it seems that you the Mata Janki whom Lord Rama will marry to”, Then Mata Sita replied in affirmative and told “Yes, I am the Mata Janki, soon my sayamvar sava will take place in Mithila, as you have said that Lord Rama will marry me, so let’s see if really that happens or not, but until I am getting married to Rama you both will stay with me”, then both the birds said that “Devi, we are the birds who live in forest, how come we will survive in your confined palace?, we can’t live out there, so please set us free and let go”, but Mata did not listen to them, both the Tota & Mayna urged a lot, but failed to convince her. After that Mata also asked to the Mayna that “if the Tota wants to go then he can, but I can’t set you free, you need to stay with me”. Listening to that the Mayna cried a lot and became sad, at that point the Mayna was pregnant, when she felt that Mata Sita won’t let her go at any cost, then she got angry and cursed Sita saying that the way during her pregnancy she is being separated from her husband, similarly when Sita will also get pregnant then she will be separated from Rama too, saying that the Mayna died. Later the Tota said to Sita that “He Sita, today you have separated me from my wife, so now I will also die and reincarnate as Dhobi (washer man) in my next birth in Ayodhya, at that point I will spread the rumor so much in your name that Lord Rama will be forced to banish you. In this way he also died after cursing. So these are the curses or the reasons that caused the separation in Lord Rama & Sita’s life.
ram sita
But don’t you think that so many curses and the one result of separation is not mere coincidence, because when we read or listen to the Ram Katha or Bhagwat katha then always we come to know that the Lord Krishna is the ultimate God head and he is the reason of all reasons, then why he bears so much pain of separation repeatedly in Ram avtar or in Krishna avtar with Radha Maa, in Krishna avtar also god got separated from Radha Maa for 100 years because of the curse which was given to him by his own devotee naming Sridama, and after the long 100 years Krishna again met Radha Maa and all the Gopis & his parents in Vrindaban. So these can not be coincidence, rather all these happens as per the wishes of Krishna himself, we know him that he is param dayalu (merciful, compassionate), nothing more than a devotee matters to Krishna, he himself has said that. So if we will try to know the reason behind all these sufferings then we will come to know that it’s the devotees only for whom Lord Krishna appears on this earth again and again. Explaining it further to all of you, we all know that in Ram avtar the prime villain was Ravana, in past Lord Krishna appeared as Baraha avtar (the Boar)to kill Hiranyaksha and Narsimha(form of Man-Lion) avtar to kill  Hiranyakashipu. So who these negative characters are? And who were Shishupala and Dantavakra whom Lord Krishna himself killed in Dwapar yug? They are none other than the Jaya & Vijaya who been 2 Parshadas (demigods) as gatekeepers in Vaikuntha. One day both of them committed a huge mistake by restricting Sanat Kumaras(Sanak, Sanand, Sanatan & Sanat Kumar) from meeting Lord Vishnu & Mata Laxmi at the gate of Vaikuntha, then out of anger the Sanat Kumaras cursed them that they will be fallen on the Mrityuloka(Earth) and live there, later when Lord Vishnu himself appeared with Mata Laxmi at the gate & asked for forgiveness on behalf of Jaya & Vijaya then on his request Sanat Kumaras restricted their curse upto 3 births for Jaya & Vijaya, so in their first birth on earth the became Hiranyaksha & Hiranyakashipu, in their 2nd birth they became as Ravana & Kumbhokarna and finally they became Shishupala and Dantavakra in Dwapar. After getting the curse from Sanat Kumaras both of them requested Lord Vishnu that as they will born 3 times on earth so it should be Lord Vishnu only who should also reappear each time to kill them and when God kills someone then instantly the soul achieves the salvation in the pious feet of Lord Krishna. So it’s the numerous devotees only for which God himself comes on this earth and makes the Leela (divine plays), but due to the lack of knowledge I see people making lots of negative statements upon god, many people raise question on Lord Rama asking if he really played the role of a responsible husband or not, they also don’t hesitate to raise finger against Krishna by asking if Radha Maa was his true love then why he left her, but they never read any bonafide shastras, or Vedas or scriptures. where complete information is available. People find it tasty to make ironical statement upon the God head. But in return of your allegations God always gives you the blessings only. However, after reading this post if you know anyone who engage himself in maligning the character of god then please make him read this post, if you will do so then you will offer your seva (service) to the Sanatan Dharma. So dear friends and devotees, let’s come and spread this article among your social circles so that everyone can be benefited out of this article and can step forward towards the Mokshya (salvation). Hare Krishna. 🙂