Diwali: Some Unknown Facts

Traditional part of Deepavali
On coming 23rd of October the festival of Diwali or Deepavali is going to be celebrated nationwide. As per the rule, on this very day we the Hindus worship Lord Ganesha & Mata Laxmi. It is believed that on this day Devi Laxmi visits the places of her devotees and bestows the blessings upon them. On the eve of this auspicious festival people decorate their houses with oil lamps and candles. So this is the festival of Lights & Prosperity. πŸ™‚

vishnu laxmi

Laxmi Narayan

Some Unknown Facts of Diwali
In 2014 we can make difference and consider celebrating the day by worshiping Mata Laxmi along with her husband, Lord Vishnu. If you want to know why should we make this sudden change in our rituals, then let me inform you the fact that this is nothing new, rather the Vaishnavas advice us to follow this in every year. They have no problem with the concept of worshiping Lord Ganesha as he is considered as Vighnaharta, but Lord Krishna is the ultimate God head with supreme power, Lord Vishnu is not different from Krishna, rather Vishnu is known as Saangsho prakash(part or partial part of Lord Krishna), all the demigods are servants of Krishna and like us they also offer their services to Parmatma(Krishna). So by worshiping the ultimate Godhead we can attain all types of spirituality and prosperity in life, there is no need to worship different deities for different purposes. There is also another fact which can surprise you, i.e; if you worship Laxmi along with Ganesha then she will come at your place riding on the Owl, but if you will worship her along with her husband then she will arrive at your place by riding on Garuda Dev, the king of Birds as per the Hindu Mythology who carries Lord Vishnu. πŸ™‚

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Additionally, I will give you one more tip which is advised by all the Sadhu Mahatmas, i.e; if you really want Lord Vishnu and Mata Laxmi to be happy with your services then you must perform one ritual during the morning session of Diwali and that is the one and only Gau Seva. Try to worship the Gaumata in early morning and start your preparation for the rest of the day, this activity will really please both of them. Actually, Gau Mata is the elder sister of Mata Laxmi. There was a time when Mata Laxmi came running and requested to Gau Mata to allow her a place anywhere in her body, but to her bad luck Gau mata informed mata Laxmi that all parts of her body has been occupied by the demigods(Devtas), not even a single hair of her body is left now to allow place to Mata Laxmi, hearing this Laxmi became anxious and requested Gau Mata to do something for her, or else she will not be worshiped by anyone on earth, then after thinking for sometime Gau mata replied to her that at present she has only one place left where Laxmi needs to adjust herself. And it was the Cow dung, Mata Laxmi instantly agreed to that and this is the reason cow dung is considered as the holy item, so it is also advised to make your home pure by offering the cow dung during any auspicious event. Hope you have understood what I meant by telling you the fact, apply cow dung positively at your place on the day of Deepavali and make Lord Vishnu & Laxmi happy.

That’s it and Wishing you all a Very Happy Deepavali in advance! πŸ™‚

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