Hudhud: Make Small Contributions and help in the Relief and Rescue operation

13th of October, just like any other Monday it’s been pretty hectic in office & as usual last night I could not sleep well. This Sunday night insomnia problem made my day real hectic, but it’s fine, I have been habituated to it in last 9 years. Fought back with help of Green Tea, now shortly I will go to sleep. But just 24hrs back we witnessed the disaster naming HudHud. As always we the Kolkatans were protected by the Orissa, but this time Andhra was hit very badly. Though more than One lakhs of people had been evacuated, still the giant Hudhud has claimed eight lives so far. It was a picture of massive destruction all over the Visakhapatnam. As per an affected resident, there is no power, no water or milk, no electricity, so all the basic amenities are not available right now. Just forget about the water, it’s a genuine need, however, we the so called civilized persons have become too much dependent upon electricity these days, we behave in such a manner that as if electricity existed in our society since ancient age. Just sharing an example, few days back we had the Laxmi Puja in our Bengal and it’s a type of ritual that you will see common among all the Bengali families. For some reasons I just dialed one of my friends number and heard that due to underground cable fault the electric supply had been disrupted in his area and as a result his family was so much annoyed that they mutually decided to postpone the Laxmi puja, this is something which was hard for my ears to digest, however this how it is.. So when I am considering the poor condition of those people who are struggling in the affected areas then easily I can feel what kind of situation they are going through.

Spiritual explanation of Natural Calamities

If we will try to know the reasons behind such natural calamity then scientists are having enough theory in their hands to educate us, but here I would like to give you small piece of information which you might find interesting, when I attend any Satsang then often I hear from the Sant Mahatmas(Sadhu/Saints/Spiritual Gurus) that this world is nothing but full of miseries, whoever will born on this earth, must go through sufferings and miseries for different reasons, it might be due to their past Karma or due to the strong addiction/attachment for material things, however, no one can escape the sorrow feelings. As per the king Janak (father of Sita Mata) there are 3 types of miseries in our lives– 1) Adhyatmik  Misery (Death, getting unpleasant company in life, any types of health issues)  2) Aadhi Voutik Misery (Harm caused by any insects or animals, attack by goons etc.)  3) Aadhidoibik Misery (All types of natural calamities like flood, drought or cyclonic storms like Pilin or Hudhud etc.) So what we have witnessed in last 24hrs, is the Aadhidoibik misery in nature and this 3rd type of misery is solely organized by the demigods.



Whatever it might be, being human we just can’t sit idle, we must carry out our responsibilities toward those who are suffering in Andhra Pradesh or Orissa & Jharkhand. I know that people will find it very difficult to contribute in this very month where back to back festivals are there, still I know that we will spend the whole day in ecommerce sites for grabbing any ongoing discount bonanza on the eve of forthcoming festival, i.e; Diwali. I am not asking you all not to do it, but also consider contributing small amounts from your monthly budget(Rs. 100/50) to authentic charitable organizations like Ramakrishna Mission or Bharat Sevashram Sangha etc. For any reason if there is any doubt in your mind then you can also consider donating to the  Prime Minister’s National Relief Fund, (PMNRF) and enjoy the 100% tax benefit. Thank you.

Note: Anyone who wishes to know the  full version of the King Janak’s Updesh (advices towards mankind), feel free to email me, I will provide the medial file recorded in my own voice and don’t worry, it will be at free of cost. Hare Krishna! 🙂

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