Bhajan – Know the Importance of it in Kaliyug & how it influenced Narada Muni

Before I tell you anything about the importance of Bhajan in our life specially in Kaliyug, I would better tell you what Narad muni had to say regarding the same to Vyas Dev. One day when the great sage Narad muni visited the ashram of Vyas dev then he saw him very down and depressed. Seeing that Narad muni asked how come the great author of Mahabharata & 17 Purana(s) & Up Purana(s) seems to be so down? In reply to that Vyas dev told all the Granths that he has written  so far is for the well being of mankind. But according to him the purpose was not served properly. In reply to that Narad muni said that, he is right in his thought, there are lapses, he further added that in all the Purana(s)  and other Sad granthas the way you have explained in details regarding Dharm, Artha, Kaam & Mokshya (4 purusarths), but similarly you have not done the same thing regarding Basudev Shri Krishna, you have not written on Bhagwat Mahima, Vaishnav dharma. It’s not that you have not focused on Bhagwat mahima in Padma Puran, Skanda Puran and in Mahabharata specially through Bhagwat Gita which is containing long 18 chapters, but along with those you have included many other details which was accepted by different people in different manner, like Raj guni people accepted only those parts which was matching with there nature, Tamas guni people shown their interest in tamsik details, but there were not much details about the pure devotion of Vagwan (almighty). So without wasting any further time please start writing about the glorious feats of the Lord Shri Krishna which will eventually make you feel satisfied.

narad muni & vyas dev

To convince Vyas Dev, Narad muni further told him that he is not spending his words to give him any type of false hope, rather he then told him about his previous birth — he was a Dasi Putra (son of a maid servant), his mom used to serve in the house of Brahmins, one day during monsoon few Brahmins arrived in the same place where his mother was the maid servant, they came there to carry out the rituals of Chatur Masya. His mother served them in their rituals, even one day his mother engaged him too to serve them, through out the day he used to serve along with his mom, during satsang he used to join the Brahmins & do the bhajans. His sincerity in his work and great devotion towards the satsantg helped him to earn the love and attention of those Brahmins. Later, one day when the Brahmins finished their meal, the landlord asked him to clean their platter, then with their due permission he ate the remnants of those Brahmins from their platter with the feelings of having prasadam of Brahmins which eventually burned out all the sins in him. Then his pure mind got attracted further towards the rituals of those Brahmins, he became more and more engrossed towards the spirituality, constant hearing of the glorious kathas (divine feats) increased the devotion in him. One day the Chatur Masya was over, as usual the Brahmins decided to move from that place to other, it made the little boy go crying, he ran towards those Brahmins and requested to take him along with them, he said that he is ready to walk bare feet along with them, he will serve them to the best of his ability, will remain happy with the remnants from their platter, but he wanted to go with them only. During this conversation his mother already came running and started requesting earnestly to those Brahmins so that they don’t take her son along with them as he was the only one for her in this world. Then the Brahmins assured her that they are not taking her son along with them and further instructed Narada to stand by his mother for the entire life, but once his mother will leave this world and move towards the Bhagwat Dham then he can come and join them. The little boy had no other option left, so he obeyed their instruction, but since then he started carrying out all, that he learned from those sages. Time passed by, one day his mother went to Goshala for some work, there she passed away by a snake bite. But this incident neither made him happy, nor made him sad, he accepted it in a stoic way and considered it as god’s blessing.

Then Narada started moving towards the direction of those Brahmins, he walked for many days, crossed all the villages, then there was a dense forest in front of him which was full of ferocious animals, but that could not stop him anyway, he started walking further, the heavy tiredness and hunger did not allow him to proceed further, there was a river where Narada took bath that helped him to get rejuvenated. After that he started meditating and Lord Vishnu appeared for a very short span of time, Narada saw a Divya Jyoti which was equivalent of 1000 suns, sweet fragrance of sandal was making the environment divine, his soul ran to his lotus feet, he was enjoying the divine happiness within his heart, but it did not last for long as Krishna disappeared.

narad muni & Shri Hari VishnuNarada started crying heavily as he was not being able to tolerate the separation form Shri Hari. Then Aakashvani was held and Krishna told him that in this birth it was impossible for him to get a glimpse of the almighty at this little age, many sages spend their entire life and keeps on repeating the same process to meet him. But following the strong devotion he has been blessed so that he remains focused in the path of devotion, the almighty also reminded him about the statement which was made by those Brahmins during departure that in this very birth he will meet god because of his devotion, so he appeared in order to make their statement true. But no need to be sad, in next birth he will be able to meet the God any time he will wish to. He was further asked to visit different Tirthas/Dhams and continue to do the Bhajan. This gave Narada some strength in heart, following the Aakashvani he visited several religious places, in this way one day the time came when 1 Kalpa of Bramha was over and he went to sleep for another kalpa, and when Bramha goes to sleep then the entire universe gets destroyed, like all the living beings Narad also left his material body and his soul laid in dormant condition within Shri Hari Vishnu, later when Lord contemplated the creation again then Narad was appeared from the lap of Bramha as his manas putra(mind-born son). The all demigods called him as Devarshi and gifted him the Vina and told him to chant the Harinam throughout the universe. Finally the Narad muni told Vyas dev that only bhajan of Shri Hari has maid the Dasi putra(son of a maid servant) into a Devarshi, so without wasting any further time please engage yourself in writing the Srimad Bhagavatam.

Dear Friends, I have told you all how the Bhajan played the important role in Narad muni’s life, in fact the Vina which was given to him, the demigods also has given us the same Vina in the form of our body, just follow the image bellow–

vina & human

The Vina has 2 separate heads, one is large(Ru-dam) and the other one is comparatively small(Gourd re-sounder) and both are connected through a stick(dandi) where cords are there that generates the tunes, similarly we the human being also have got the same, we have a small head in the upper part and the remaining large body is also their which are connected by the throat, our throat is also having the vocal cords through which we create sounds and can sing the Bhajans also. 🙂

Importance of doing Bhajans in Kaliyug:
In Kaliyuga it will be very difficult to perform all the veidic rituals that will help us to get the salvation or meet the lotus feet of Radha Madhav, the worship of no other deities or demigods will give us the mokshya, this is the reason 5000 years back from now, the Lord Krishna appeared as Chaitanya Mahaprabhu in Mayapur of Bengal. Mahaprabhu taught us that in this Kaliyuga only the constant chant of Hare Krishna Mahamantra will make people free from all the sins, the seed of Bhakti or devotion will sprout in our heart and by doing the bhajan/kirtan only we will easily reach back to the Lotus feet of Radha Madhav.

chaitanya mahaprabhuQuote of Chaitanya MahaPrabhu:
“harer-nama harer-nama harer-namaiva kevalam kalau nasty-eva nasty-eva nasty-eva gatir anyatha”, it means “Harinama, Harinama, Harinama is the only and foremost means to achieve emancipation. There is no other way, no other way, no other way in this age of Kali”. So my dear friends, without wasting any further time you also start chanting “Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare | Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare” and step forward in life to meet Krishna.

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