The Great Kapila-Devahuti Samvad of Srimad-bhagavatam- Volume 1

Before I start explaining the “Kapila-Devahuti Samvad” of Srimad-Bhagavatam, let me tell you who is Lord Kapila & a brief history about his advent, he is also known as Kapil Muni, according to Bhagwat Mahapuran, Lord Kapila was the advent of Lord Krishna himself. His parents Mata Devahuti & the great Kardama Muni both were very much aware of the divinity of their son as the fact was revealed to them by Lord Brahma himself many years ago about Lord Kapila’s advent. Lord Brahma also told to Devahuti that her son will enlighten her with spiritual wisdom. This Kapiladeva was one of the Mahajanas. The word Mahajana means “authority”, and according to the Vedic Sastras there are 12 authorities. They are Swayambhu, Narada, Sambhu or Lord Shiva, Kumara, Kapila, Manu, Prahlada, Janaka, Bhisma, Bali, Sukadeva Gosvami & Yamaraja.

According to Varnasrama-dharma if one has born as Brahmana, he is nicely trained as Brahmachari, and then  he becomes a Grihastha, a house holder. When he gives up his home, he is called a Vanaprastha and after that he may take Sannyasa. Being a Yogi, Kardama Muni strictly followed these principles; therefore as soon as Kapiladeva was grown, Devahuti was placed in his charge. Kardama Muni then left home. After his departure, Devahuti, remembering the words of Lord Brahma, approached to her divine son and humbly expressed her desire for spiritual enlightenment. A person who is interested in inquiring about transcendental subjects, Krishna-katha makes him very glad, therefore Kapiladeva was very glad to hear that his Mother was eager to receive information on how to be delivered from material bondage. Now the conversation between them takes place as follows:

Mata Devahuti told her son Kapil Muni that, may be I am holding a very respectable position in the eyes of this world being the wife of Kardama Muni & the mother of you who is none other than Lord Vishnu. However, I am too much engrossed in this illusory world, I am highly addicted in satisfying my senses. Please guide me now, how should I live & what should I do.

kapila devahuti samvad

Kapila Devahuti Samvad

Then Kapilmuni said, by discussing the leela or past deed of God with pure devotees, your heart will be purified & you will feel contented within yourself. By discussing the Bhagwat kathas gradually you will proceed towards salvation and your heart will be filled with respect & love for God. When someone engages himself in devotional work, then he can control his heart, if heart seems to be out of control then be rest assured that the person is not performing any devotional work.

Then Mata Devahuti told, I’m a halfwit, how shall I practice devotion? How shall I serve the lotusfeet of God? How shall I perform the Bhakti Yoga?

In reply to that Lord Kapila gave her certain instructions to be followed-

  1. Possess the equal feelings towards all, it means never differentiate any living being through mere material body or it’s sex, rather consider all living beings as souls, because we all are parts of Paramatma (Supersoul).
  2. Never possess the hatred feelings for anyone.
  3. Don’t get too close or intimate with anyone, it means, you will have the hatred feelings for none, that’s fine, but at the same time it also does not mean that you will start getting mingled up with everyone. Being a devotee you shall always try hard to progress in the path of devotion & get accompanied with devotees only. Don’t consider anyone as your rival, but mix with people or do satsang with people who are engaged in god’s service.
  4. One should carry out the Brahmacharya vrat sincerely, it means, it’s good to stay away from the sex life totally, or else a devotee should marry by following all the vedic rules properly & live a peaceful married life, a couple should come close only with the intention to give birth to a Krishna devotee.
  5. It’s better not to speak, a devotee should remain busy in devotional work only, he should not get indulged himself in meaningless discussion. A true devotee will participate in discussions related to Krishna only.
  6. A devotee should devote all the fruits or results of his karma at the service of Krishna only, it means whatever he will arrange or eat or earn, will utilize the same at the pious service of Krishna only to please him, devotee will do nothing to satisfy his own senses.
  7. One should not waste his precious time of his life by running after the wealth. It means, one should be happy with the earning that comes easily, it’s quite obvious that in order to survive we need wealth, but it also does not mean that one should work 24/7 just to earn the livelihood. Most of the time one should be engaged in devotional work only. And starting from Rich to Poor, anyone can practice the devotional service for Krishna.
  8. One should avoid overeating. It means, you should eat only that much which will be required to survive, you should not overeat in order to satisfy your tongue. And being devotee, one should accept the Krishna Prasadam only, so whatever you wish to eat, first offer the same to Krishna, then accept the same as Prasadam.
  9. A devotee should be thoughtful, he should constantly think of the past glories of Lord Shri Krishna & should also try find out ways to improve himself further at the service of Krishna.
  10. One should not live in a place where there will be the crowd of materialistic people, because people who are under the influence of material nature & it’s charm, will always run after the materialistic development, they have nothing to do with the spiritual development, thus it will have it’s negative impact upon the devotee.
  11. One should remain calm. It means, live your life in a very simple way, neither you should get excited, nor you should react to incidents which are taking place in the material world, rather think how to get the mercy of Lord Krishna & of your Sad Guru (Bonafide Spiritual Master).
  12. Be friendly with everyone. It means, people who are following the path of devotion, be respectful to them & always try to serve them. But, people who are atheists, be patient & spend time with them until your job is not getting done.
  13. People who are simple & innocent by nature, be merciful to them. It means, people who are simple, but not atheist & at the same time who do not have enough spiritual knowledge, be merciful to them and inspire them to become Krishna conscious.
  14. Self realization is must. It means, devotees will never consider themselves as mere material body or mind. Our real identities are that we are the servants of Lord Krishna & we are souls too. If we will always remain careful about this concept then we will become successful in devotional path.
Lord Kapila Muni

Kapil Muni

Next, Mata Devahuti asked “He Bramhan, will the material nature ever allow a person to remain free of it’s influence? Because, it’s quite normal that the materialistic people & the material nature will always attract to each other. Whatever a person does, it’s not possible for him to avoid the influence of material nature as long as the Maya(Illusion) is not setting him free from her great Maya Shakti or illusory power. So, how the problem can be solved from root?

In response to this Kapila Muni replied – “One who is sincere in the Bhakti Marg(Path of devotion) can easily avoid the effect of material nature. When one is sleeping then he might not be conscious & can see many inauspicious aspects while dreaming, but when he wakes up & become conscious, then nothing can create illusion for him. A person who is Krishna conscious, the Maya will never influence him.

Next, Mata Devahuti asked, why sometimes we see devotees do get attracted by the Illusory power & consequently they give up the the Bhaktimarg (path of devotion)?

Kapila Muni replied, devotees who have been serving the Godhead since births after births, they never get attracted by any material aspect of this universe, they are fully conscious. They never get detracked from the path of devotion. Only devotees who are not sincere in Bhakti Marg, they only get attracted or influenced by the Illusion or Maya. People should perform their duties sincerely and will refrain from any activity which is prohibited by the Shastras. According to the shastras, one who is satisfied or content with his present condition, should be treated as rich person, so, we should not think only billionaires & millionaires are the real reach people, dear friends, they are not rich at all, because they are not satisfied with the wealth that they have, they want to acquire more and more money, so one who is never satisfied and aspiring something or the other all the time, should be treated as actual Poor, this is the reason Lord Kapila told to her mother that one should remain satisfied in life with anything that God has given to him and he should constantly engage himself in serving his SadGuru (spiritual master) and worship the God Head.

Here I would like to end this volume 1 of “Kapil-Devahuti Samvad”, in Volume 2, Mata Debahuti will ask how to control the mind, because this is a problem which we all want the solution of, be we are devotees or students or Teachers or CEOs, we all have this problem, so in next volume we will hear the solution direct from Lord Kapila or Kapil Muni. So just stay tuned and pray for me so that Krishna allows me to complete the Volume 2 very soon. In the mean time please don’t forget to share your precious feedback regarding this article & if you will like it then please share in your circle so that others too get to know about “Kapil Debahuti Samvad”. Thank you. Hare Krishna. 🙂

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