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Respected Devotees, PAMHO! Today this Volume-3 is going to be the last part of Kapila-Devahuti Samvad of Srimad Bhagwatam. Devotees, who haven’t yet read the last 2 volumes, for them here goes the links as follows—

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Q: Mata Devahuti asked Lord Kapila to explain about the risks involved in the process of repeated Birth & Death cycle so that people can start following the path of devotion after understanding the intolerable pain that he goes through during the entire life cycle.

Ans: Then the merciful Lord Kapila replied as – there are 8.4 millions of species of life which is also known as 84 Lakhs Yonis, according to the past karma, each soul enters into a specific types of Yoni or body, but among those, the Human form of Life is most precious as one can follow the Bhaktimarg (path of devotion) only in the form of human body, still every living beings do feel happy in whatever form of the body that they have got. This is because of the illusory power of God which is known as Maya Shakti. Though, a pig survives on stool and lives an inferior quality of life, still he is happy with that. A dog which tries hard to break through a bone & fails, eventually blood comes out from his own teeth, but he thinks that this is the juice, which is coming out of the bone, so he cheers for that.

repeated birth and death

Repeated Birth and Death

Similarly, humans too are going through the same situation in life, but as their eyes are covered with the dust of Illusion, so they have gone blind and are wasting their precious life by running after the Maya. Though, people have got a temporary material body, temporary society, temporary relation, yet they are deeply engrossed in it & as a result they are experiencing different types of pains and year after year, taking birth and dyeing again through different forms of material body. Yet, people are happy. They easily get fascinated to see the smiley faces of their wife or easily fall in love with the childish words, pronounced by their children. The head of a family goes through a lot of troubles to run his family, sometimes he also commits sins just to satisfy his family and relatives. And, at the end of his life, when he becomes incapable to earn any further, then he lives the life of an aged bull in his own family where no one takes care of him. Yet, the rascal doesn’t get displeased with his family life, rather his addiction towards family increases further with the age. Other family members’ starts disrespecting him, he loses his charming look because of age factor, and then he starts waiting for his death. Gradually, he loses appetites, because of internal air pressure his eyes seem to come out, because of cough his voice gets choked, he finds it difficult to breath even. A typical sound comes out of his throat. When, during his young age people told him to chant the Hari name, then he had no time for that, but now, even if he will try to pronounce the Hari name, he won’t succeed as his material body won’t allow him to do that. He remains completely in bed ridden condition, he feels helpless, even can’t convey his messages to his near and dear ones. He accepts the death in a very pathetic condition. During death, he urinates & poops on bed upon seeing the scary look of messengers of Lord Yam. And during that moment no one tries to rescue him, rather they simply keep on crying. The messengers first ties his throat with hard binding, then covers his subtle body and drags it roughly to take him to the hell for punishing him hard. No way he can escape the punishment in hell; no one will give him company during his final journey. Though he did a lot for his friends & families including committing sins too to make them happy, yet no one will come to see him in suffered condition. After spending a long time in hell when he gets a chance to come on this earth, then again he makes family and friends & again goes through the same cycle of birth & death.

Though I am simply narrating what Sage Kapila told to her mother Devahuti, yet I am feeling sad for those who are not ready to chant the Hari Naam & get back to his real adobe at Baikuntha. 🙁

Q: After hearing such painful explanation Mata Devahuti asked Lord Kapila – this world is nothing but the house of all types of sufferings, but I think, a person stays happy & fearless only when he is within the womb of his mother, isn’t it?

Ans: After hearing this Lord Kapila smiled and said NO. Rather, mother’s womb is also a place where the child goes through intolerable conditions. While writing this suddenly I have remembered about a recent quote which I wrote in “My Quotes” section.

rajesh haldar quotes on repeated birth and death

Repeated Birth & Death Quote

Anyways, coming back to the point, Lord Kapila then started explaining Mata Devahuti regarding the conditions that a baby goes through staying within the womb; it is something like this—

  1. Under the supervision of the Godhead the soul according to his past karma can have access to the womb of a woman.
  2. On the very first night the sperm mixes with ovum, then on the 5th day a bubble is formed which turns into a flesh or an egg like structure on the 10th
  3. In the very first month, the head is formed and in the 2nd month, the hands & feet get formed. During 3rd month, eyes, mouth, ears & anus are formed.
  4. At the end of the 5th month the baby starts feeling hungry & thirsty, if the woman is consuming foods which are spicy, pungent, sour or bitter, then the child suffers through immense pain, because the delicate skin of the baby can’t accept it.
  5. The baby remains within the pathetic place of urine, stool & blood where many worms also reside. They bite again and again to the baby & it pains like anything.
  6. By the end of the 6th month when the complete body is formed, then as per the gender the baby turns, if it’s a baby boy then it turns to the right & if it’s a baby girl then it turns to left.

However, during this condition the shape of the body becomes like a bow which also looks like a bird confined within the cage. Then the baby starts praying to the supreme personality of Godhead and repeatedly requests to make him free from that condition. He also makes a promise to Lord that after becoming free from that painful condition, when he will take birth then will start doing the Bhajan and will devote himself at the pious service of Lord Krishna for entire life. But, right after the birth, the Maya makes him forget everything and the baby gradually starts feeling happy with the company of his parents, then toys and gradually get more & more engrossed in material life.

We suffer in life as we have forgotten about our eternal relation with Godhead and we have also cheated him by breaking our promises that we made to him before coming out from womb. So, it’s the duty of every parent to create a situation or ambiance for their children so that they can re-establish the relation with Godhead. Otherwise, again there life will be aimless, so people who follow the path of devotion & remember the Godhead irrespective of any condition, they remain on the right track of the life and eventually make spiritual progress. One, who is firmly engaged in the pious service of Lord Krishna is known as Krishna conscious and after this life he will surely meet the Godhead. So keep chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra –

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. 🙂

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