Kapila-Devahuti Samvad Volume-3 | Rajesh Haldar

Respected Devotees, PAMHO! Today this Volume-3 is going to be the last part of Kapila-Devahuti Samvad of Srimad Bhagwatam. Devotees, who haven’t yet read the last 2 volumes, for them here goes the links as follows—

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Q: Mata Devahuti asked Lord Kapila to explain about the risks involved in the process of repeated Birth & Death cycle so that people can start following the path of devotion after understanding the intolerable pain that he goes through during the entire life cycle.

Ans: Then the merciful Lord Kapila replied as – there are 8.4 millions of species of life which is also known as 84 Lakhs Yonis, according to the past karma, each soul enters into a specific types of Yoni or body, but among those, the Human form of Life is most precious as one can follow the Bhaktimarg (path of devotion) only in the form of human body, still every living beings do feel happy in whatever form of the body that they have got. This is because of the illusory power of God which is known as Maya Shakti. Though, a pig survives on stool and lives an inferior quality of life, still he is happy with that. A dog which tries hard to break through a bone & fails, eventually blood comes out from his own teeth, but he thinks that this is the juice, which is coming out of the bone, so he cheers for that.

repeated birth and death

Repeated Birth and Death

Similarly, humans too are going through the same situation in life, but as their eyes are covered with the dust of Illusion, so they have gone blind and are wasting their precious life by running after the Maya. Though, people have got a temporary material body, temporary society, temporary relation, yet they are deeply engrossed in it & as a result they are experiencing different types of pains and year after year, taking birth and dyeing again through different forms of material body. Yet, people are happy. They easily get fascinated to see the smiley faces of their wife or easily fall in love with the childish words, pronounced by their children. The head of a family goes through a lot of troubles to run his family, sometimes he also commits sins just to satisfy his family and relatives. And, at the end of his life, when he becomes incapable to earn any further, then he lives the life of an aged bull in his own family where no one takes care of him. Yet, the rascal doesn’t get displeased with his family life, rather his addiction towards family increases further with the age. Other family members’ starts disrespecting him, he loses his charming look because of age factor, and then he starts waiting for his death. Gradually, he loses appetites, because of internal air pressure his eyes seem to come out, because of cough his voice gets choked, he finds it difficult to breath even. A typical sound comes out of his throat. When, during his young age people told him to chant the Hari name, then he had no time for that, but now, even if he will try to pronounce the Hari name, he won’t succeed as his material body won’t allow him to do that. He remains completely in bed ridden condition, he feels helpless, even can’t convey his messages to his near and dear ones. He accepts the death in a very pathetic condition. During death, he urinates & poops on bed upon seeing the scary look of messengers of Lord Yam. And during that moment no one tries to rescue him, rather they simply keep on crying. The messengers first ties his throat with hard binding, then covers his subtle body and drags it roughly to take him to the hell for punishing him hard. No way he can escape the punishment in hell; no one will give him company during his final journey. Though he did a lot for his friends & families including committing sins too to make them happy, yet no one will come to see him in suffered condition. After spending a long time in hell when he gets a chance to come on this earth, then again he makes family and friends & again goes through the same cycle of birth & death.

Though I am simply narrating what Sage Kapila told to her mother Devahuti, yet I am feeling sad for those who are not ready to chant the Hari Naam & get back to his real adobe at Baikuntha. 🙁

Q: After hearing such painful explanation Mata Devahuti asked Lord Kapila – this world is nothing but the house of all types of sufferings, but I think, a person stays happy & fearless only when he is within the womb of his mother, isn’t it?

Ans: After hearing this Lord Kapila smiled and said NO. Rather, mother’s womb is also a place where the child goes through intolerable conditions. While writing this suddenly I have remembered about a recent quote which I wrote in “My Quotes” section.

rajesh haldar quotes on repeated birth and death

Repeated Birth & Death Quote

Anyways, coming back to the point, Lord Kapila then started explaining Mata Devahuti regarding the conditions that a baby goes through staying within the womb; it is something like this—

  1. Under the supervision of the Godhead the soul according to his past karma can have access to the womb of a woman.
  2. On the very first night the sperm mixes with ovum, then on the 5th day a bubble is formed which turns into a flesh or an egg like structure on the 10th
  3. In the very first month, the head is formed and in the 2nd month, the hands & feet get formed. During 3rd month, eyes, mouth, ears & anus are formed.
  4. At the end of the 5th month the baby starts feeling hungry & thirsty, if the woman is consuming foods which are spicy, pungent, sour or bitter, then the child suffers through immense pain, because the delicate skin of the baby can’t accept it.
  5. The baby remains within the pathetic place of urine, stool & blood where many worms also reside. They bite again and again to the baby & it pains like anything.
  6. By the end of the 6th month when the complete body is formed, then as per the gender the baby turns, if it’s a baby boy then it turns to the right & if it’s a baby girl then it turns to left.

However, during this condition the shape of the body becomes like a bow which also looks like a bird confined within the cage. Then the baby starts praying to the supreme personality of Godhead and repeatedly requests to make him free from that condition. He also makes a promise to Lord that after becoming free from that painful condition, when he will take birth then will start doing the Bhajan and will devote himself at the pious service of Lord Krishna for entire life. But, right after the birth, the Maya makes him forget everything and the baby gradually starts feeling happy with the company of his parents, then toys and gradually get more & more engrossed in material life.

We suffer in life as we have forgotten about our eternal relation with Godhead and we have also cheated him by breaking our promises that we made to him before coming out from womb. So, it’s the duty of every parent to create a situation or ambiance for their children so that they can re-establish the relation with Godhead. Otherwise, again there life will be aimless, so people who follow the path of devotion & remember the Godhead irrespective of any condition, they remain on the right track of the life and eventually make spiritual progress. One, who is firmly engaged in the pious service of Lord Krishna is known as Krishna conscious and after this life he will surely meet the Godhead. So keep chanting the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra –

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare. Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare. 🙂

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The Kapila-Devahuti Samvad Volume-2 | Rajesh Haldar

Respected devotees, please accept my humble obeisance. Today I am going to narrate the remaining part of Kapila-Debahuti Samvad in this Volume-2. I felt extremely blessed to see the warm response for the Volume-1 of Kapila Devahuti Samvad, so let’s start with the remaining questions of Mata Debahuti.

Q: Mata Devahuti asked how to fix the mind?

Ans: In reply to that Lord Kapila said, if one can control his breath, then mind can be controlled. Regarding this, personally I would like to add that, few days back when I was listening to the Bhagwat Katha from Kirit Vai Maharaj, then he too said the same thing, the longer you can stop your breath, the more you will be free from all the negative energies like Lust, Anger, Greediness & many more. And, this is something which you need to practice regularly.

Lord Kapila then also asked his mother regarding one other way out to control the restless mind, i.e; during the problematic situations one should recall the beauty of God which is divine & very nice. God is always ready to shower his blessings & do mercy to all his devotees unconditionally. Being human, we should always chant his name; imagine his divine form, recall the past glories etc. One should keep on meditating the beauty of God until his mind is not getting settled.

Q: Mata Devahuti asked how to meditate the beauty of God?

Ans: Then Lord Kapila answered that—

lotus feet of krishna

Lotus feet of Krishna

  1. First, one should meditate his Lotus-feet which hold the pious signs of Flag, Thunderbolt, and Lotus etc. This is the feet from which the sacred river Ganga has appeared & Lord Shankar is holding this very river in his head. Goddess Laxmi always keeps on serving these pious feet with extreme care. After waking up in the morning, one who imagines the Lotus feet of God, all his sins gets vanquished instantly.
  2. Next, one should meditate on his 2 knees which are the base of all the powers. Then think of his Pitambar & his waist line.
  3. Next, imagine his Naval where from the Lotus has appeared, this is the Lotus which is the abode of Lord Bramha.
  4. Then, think of his chest & aureola which are covered by the precious gem named as “Markat”.
  5. Then think of his entire chest which is covered with the milky white Pearl necklaces & chains. Goddess Laxmi resides in his chest in the form of a Golden line. The chest of God is the actual source of all divine pleasures and renders full satisfaction to our mortal eyes.
  6. Next, we should imagine his throat which is decorated with the jewel named as Koustav.
  7. Next, we should imagine both the hands of God which are the sources of energy of all demigods.
  8. Next, think of his Lotus Face, his ears which are decorated with earrings. His pointed nose is making his face look more beautiful. Then, his curly hairs which are the source of clouds, his lotus like eyes, the divine eyebrows that can enchant the hearts of thousands of cupids. His eyes which are always full of mercy, his lips that chuckles. One who imagines God in this way with full of devotion in heart, gets relieved from all the sufferings of this material world. A distressed person, who imagines God in his smiling form, instantly all his tears get absorbed by the grace of Lord.
kapila & mata devahuti samvad

Kapila & Mata Devahuti Samvad

Q: Next, Mata Devahuti requested her son to guide her regarding the path of devotion or Bhaktimarg.

Ans: Lord Kapila answered as – Mata, the path of devotion has separate forms according to the separate qualities present in different individuals—

  1. One, who is performing the bhakti or devotional services, but feels very proud of himself, boasts about his devotion towards Lord, feels jealous to others, angry in nature, one who considers himself as the best devotee, is actually possessing the impure form of devotion within himself. This is also known as mixed devotion or Tamas or Tamasik devotion. This form of devotion is very inferior in quality. These types of devotees also think that one day they too will be like God.
  2. One, who is not bothered about the happiness of God, but only focussed in getting boons that will eventually make him famous in material world, is also a kind of devotion which is influenced by the Rajas or Rajasik guna.
  3. Devotees, who wish to free themselves from all types of fruitItive activities, perform rituals and worship God and put all the fruit of their acts at the lotus feet of God, is also a kind of devotion which is known as Satwik Devotion.
  4. When a devotee worships God out of his pure love where he has no expectation at all, is the purest form of devotion. A pure devotee, will always do things to please Krishna only, behind any of his acts, there will be no selfishness. These types of proactive services towards Lord are fully transcendental in nature & it never gets contaminated by the effect of material world.

Q: Mata Devahuti asked to Lord Kapila about the signs of a devotee and the duties to be performed by them.

Ans: Lord Kapila answered that a devotee should regularly visit to temples where he will see the idol or the Arch-bigraha form of deities, will worship God and will join the prayer too. Devotees should also consider everyone as the part & parcel of super soul, he will respect every words of Sadguru (his bonafide master) and carry out all the duties suggested in shastras. Regularly one should join the Satsang & listen to the devotional kathas like Bhagwad Maha Puran, Ramayan Katha & study the slokas of Bhagwad gita. A devotee will always engage himself in chanting the divine name of Hari or the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

I would like to stop the Volume-2 here as 2 very important discussions to be covered in Volume-3 where Lord Kapila will explain to Mata Devahuti about the repeated birth & death cycle. And, that explanation is directly related to the contemporary world and many of you will see direct resemblance of your life in Volume 3. Even, you all will come to know about the astonishing facts regarding the pains of a new born baby that he suffers for long 9 months staying within the womb of mother.

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Who is Narsinh Mehta – Let’s know about him |Rajeshhaldar

Respected Devotees, after a long time I’m (Rajesh Haldar) back with a post on Narsinh Mehta, however, this time it’s not me who has written the post, but Sai Aanchal who is a devotee & wish to spread the pious name of Lord Krishna in world. By profession she is an Assistant Professor in Sociology.  Let’s read about Narsinh Mehta whom we also know as Narsi Mehta.

Saint Narsinh Mehta,from the land of Surat lived around 14th century AD and is one of the greatest devotees of the God. He is the composer of the soul-stirring song, “Vaishnava Jana to Tene Kahiye je“, which describes the qualities of a devotees Narsi Mehta belonged to a Vadanagar Nagar-Brahmin family of Junagarh in Kathiawar, Gujarat. His was a poor family. From the very young age he had great devotion to Lord Krishna. Not many people know that Narsinh couldn’t speak or listen and understand gestures of others right from his birth till the age of eight. He lived with his brother. His parents died early and he was looked after by his grandmother. His grandmother was a very devout and pious woman. She would attend Satsangs and listen to Lord Hari’s name whenever she got the opportunity. Likewise she would also serve at functions in the name of Lord by washing the utensils used by the devotees of the God. Thus she would engage herself in many such pious activities. After the conclusion of Sankirtans she would take Narsinh in her lap and place him at the feet of pious saints asking them to relieve Narsinh from his sins. Narsinh’s grandmother would get sad thinking of Narsinh’s bleak future as she was not happy with her daughter-in-law’s attitude toward Narsinh. She was aware that after her death probably Narsinh won’t have anyone to look after him. So, for Narsinh’s grandmother the priority was nothing but Narsinh’s welfare. She wished him to be like other children. She wanted her grandson to listen, understand, speak and sing like other children of his age. One day Narsinh’s grandmother took him to a Hari Satsang. She got to know about the saints over there and she placed Narsinh at the lotus feet of one revered saint. After explaining her misfortune and family’s condition to the saint Narsinh’s grandmother moved to inconsolable tears. The saint melted upon seeing the plight and earnest yearning of the old woman. He stood up from his seat and called Narsinh near him. The saint picked up his Kamandalu which was full of holy Ganges water. Saint dipped his fingers in the water and splashed the water on Narsinh’s ears, mouth and head. The holy water acted as an elixir for Narsinh. The saint after his inexplicable act commanded Narsinh to speak “Radhey Shyam”. Lo and Behold! At that very instance Narsinh spoke the very first words of his life “Radhey Shyam”.

narsinh mehta

Narsinh Mehta

Who is Narsinh Mehta?
Many people are not aware about Narsi Mehta’s past life. Our Narsinh Mehta was none other than revered Muchukunda in his past life. Let us know about Muchukunda first and then we will proceed to Narsinh’s life.

Muchukunda, son of King Mandhata, was born in the Ikshvaku dynasty. Ikshvaku dynasty is also known as Suryavamsha. He actually fought against deadly demons just for the sake of Deities/Devataas. I hope we all are aware of the fact that battles between Devtaas and Asuras(Demons) was not rare but common thing in those days. After the conclusion of the battle Muchukunda got very tired. Devataas thanked him for sacrificing his comforts for their safety and protection. They further asked Muchukunda if he had any desire. Muchukunda did seek a boon but his boon was very strange. After battling with demons for thousands of years Muchukunda didn’t take sleep and proper rest. That was the moment of victory for others but Muchukunda wanted to rest. He wanted to sleep.  So, looking at Indra he said, “O King of the deities, I want to sleep. Anyone who dares to disturb my sleep must get burnt to ashes immediately”. Indra was pleased with Muchukunda, so without any hesitation he granted Muchukunda the boon of calm and peaceful sleep. Indra said, “So be it, go to the earth and enjoy your sleep, one who awakens you would be reduced to ashes”.

After this, king Muchukunda descended to earth and selected a cave, where he could sleep without being disturbed. In the Dwapar Yuga there was a great warrior by the name of Kalyavan, he was Yavana King. No one could defeat him in battle due to his unmatched powers. Kalyavan thought of contradicting Lord Krishna and defeating Lord Krishna in the battle. Lord Krishna was aware that Kalyavan had certain powers due to which he had certainly become invincible. So, Lord Krishna realized that to defeat Kalyavan a clever strategy rather than strength was necessary. When Lord Krishna faced Kalyavan in the battlefield, rather than facing him Lord got down from his chariot and started running from the battlefield. Kalyavan thought that Lord was afraid of his powers and thus was running away from him. After running for long, Lord entered into the very same cave where Muchukunda was sleeping. Lord Krishna cleverly took his yellow Angavastra(a long cloth for covering the upper body) and placed it over Muchukunda’s body. Kalyavan hastily entered the cave and upon seeing Muchukunda, he got into delusion and mistook him for Lord Krishna. Kalyavan mercilessly kicked Muchukunda, forcing Muchukunda to open his eyes. Thus, by the mere gaze of Muchukunda, the Yavana King Kalyavan was burnt to ashes. Muchukunda was blessed by Lord Krishna with his sight. And Lord promised him that after Muchukunda’s another earthly sojourn, Muchukunda would stand liberated and he would be free from the cycle of births and deaths.

Thus Muchukunda was born again as Saint Narsinh Mehta in this very Kaliyug to spread the name of the Lord Krishna.

All the time Narsinh kept himself engaged in composing and singing songs on Lord Krishna and Gopi Lila. He would dance out of bliss in ecstasy. He was not much concerned about household matters. He did not earn anything; his brother’s wife taunted and ill-treated him. One day he moved out of his house and reached a secluded Shiva Temple where out of love he embraced Lord Shiva’s Shivlingam. He didn’t eat anything and drink anything for seven days. It is said that Mother Parvati was moved to tears upon seeing his fate and she asked Lord Shiva to bless Narsinh. Lord Shiva finally blessed Narsinh with his glorious sight. Lord Shiva and Mother Parvati served him with sumptuous food and then Lord Shiva took him to Vrindavan to see Krishna and Gopi Raas Leela. Narsinh was fortunate enough to see the Krishna and Gopi Raas leela.

narsi mehta

Narsi Mehta

He had the firm conviction that Lord Krishna would provide him with all his wants. This was all the result of his previous lives Samskaras-good virtues.

Marriage Life of Narsinh Mehta

Narsinh’s family members thought that perhaps Marriage would bring good fortune to him and make him aware about worldly affairs. But it turned the other way round as Narsinh fell all the more in love with Lord Krishna. After his marriage he was blessed by Lord Krishna with a son by name Shyamaldass and a daughter by name Kunwarbai. Narsinh Mehta was a contemporary of Mira Bai. He had Sakhya Bhav-feeling of friendship towards Lord Krishna and he would address Lord Krishna in terms of equality. Having a simple nature Narsinh was a frank Bhakta. He would see Lord Krishna everywhere and in everything. He had Para Bhakti and cosmic consciousness-something which comes after long penance and pining for Lord. Narsinh Mehta was very poor and thus Lord Krishna performed the marriage of his son-Shyamaldas and daughter-Kunwarbai. When Gujarati marriages are organized then Mameru ceremony takes place one day before the marriage ceremony. As per this Mameru ceremony Bride’s Uncle is supposed to shower his blessings on the bride in the form of precious gifts. Lord Krishna himself came to Narsinh’s place as Kunwarbai’s Uncle and he showered his blessings on Kunwarbai. According to the Gujarati customs in the seventh month of the Garbha Dharan by the daughter-in-law, a pompous Baby Shower ceremony (Gaud Bharai Rasam) takes place. According to the cultural norms the girl’s family too is supposed to bless girl with the gifts. Though Narsinh Mehta was very poor, rich presents were given to his daughter Kunwarbai by Lord Krishna himself in the guise of Narsinh’s relative. In the case of marriage of Narsinh’s son Shyamaldas Lord Krishna himself shouldered all the responsibilities of the marriage. Shyamaldas marriage was a surprise for all the people who knew Narsinh.

Shraadh of Narsinh Mehta’s father and Krishna’s Grace
On one occasion, Narsinh was performing his father’s Sraddha (the annual offering of Pindas to the departed souls-one’s ancestors). There was shortage of ghee. Thus, Narsinh went to the market to purchase ghee but something blissful happened that day. On his way he met a Sankirtan party and joined them. He began singing Lord Krishna and Hari Bhajans. While singing he danced in an ecstatic mood. He entirely lost himself in the blissful name of the Lord and forgot all about Sraddha and ghee. With great uneasiness Narsinh’s wife kept on waiting him. Two miracles happened then. It was due to the effect of Krishna’s grace to help Narsinh. The first miracle was that no one came to know about the time which passed away. Secondly, Lord Krishna taking the form of Narsinh, brought ghee and gave to Narsinh’s wife. She rebuked Lord Krishna considering him to be Narsinh. After talking to the Brahmins Lord Krishna left. Due the grace of Lord Krishna all the Brahmins were fed sumptuously. They departed with joy showering blessings on Narsinh’s family. After the completion of the function Narsinh’s wife started arranging the things and cleaning up the verandah. To her surprise Narsi came with ghee in hand. When Narsinh’s apologized to his wife for getting late she realized that she was blessed with the sight of the Lord Krishna who was midst her for so long in the disguise of her husband.

Later Part of Narsi Mehta’s Life

After the death of his wife Narsi became free from earthly bondage. He began devoting all his time to worship and singing of Bhajans. After breaking down all caste rules and observances Narsinh started observing Kirtan everywhere, even in the houses of sweepers and men of inferior caste. All the Nagar-Brahmins hated Narsinh and also out-casted him. Once it so happened that these Brahmins decided to conduct a big pompous function which was followed by a feast. They invited all learned ones and great intellectuals having knowledge of Vedas and Religion. They used that opportunity to undermine the self-respect of Narsinh. Thus they allowed everyone in but refused to allow Narsinh to the feast. Due to the grace of the Lord Krishna a miracle brought unusual things into action. It so happened that a Dom or a man of inferior caste was found sitting next to each Brahmin who sat for the feast. The haughty Nagar-Brahmins were moved by this miracle. Their hearts got purified and they began to show immense respect to Narsinh. All the Nagar Brahmins openly admitted and declared that Narsi Mehta was a great Bhakta.

Narsinh’s devotion to Lord Krishna was of a unique nature. Narsinh was a perfect devotee of Lord Krishna. His famous devotional song “Vaishnava Janato Thene Kahiye“, gives a fine description of a true Vaishnava. This song was sung by Mahatama Gandhi on many occasions.

Let us bow down our heads in reverence for the highly spirited Bhakta Narsinh, Lord Krishna and the all powerful name of the Lord Krishna.

Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare!

In Krishna’s Love

~ Sai Aanchal

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The Great Kapila-Devahuti Samvad of Srimad-bhagavatam- Volume 1

Before I start explaining the “Kapila-Devahuti Samvad” of Srimad-Bhagavatam, let me tell you who is Lord Kapila & a brief history about his advent, he is also known as Kapil Muni, according to Bhagwat Mahapuran, Lord Kapila was the advent of Lord Krishna himself. His parents Mata Devahuti & the great Kardama Muni both were very much aware of the divinity of their son as the fact was revealed to them by Lord Brahma himself many years ago about Lord Kapila’s advent. Lord Brahma also told to Devahuti that her son will enlighten her with spiritual wisdom. This Kapiladeva was one of the Mahajanas. The word Mahajana means “authority”, and according to the Vedic Sastras there are 12 authorities. They are Swayambhu, Narada, Sambhu or Lord Shiva, Kumara, Kapila, Manu, Prahlada, Janaka, Bhisma, Bali, Sukadeva Gosvami & Yamaraja.

According to Varnasrama-dharma if one has born as Brahmana, he is nicely trained as Brahmachari, and then  he becomes a Grihastha, a house holder. When he gives up his home, he is called a Vanaprastha and after that he may take Sannyasa. Being a Yogi, Kardama Muni strictly followed these principles; therefore as soon as Kapiladeva was grown, Devahuti was placed in his charge. Kardama Muni then left home. After his departure, Devahuti, remembering the words of Lord Brahma, approached to her divine son and humbly expressed her desire for spiritual enlightenment. A person who is interested in inquiring about transcendental subjects, Krishna-katha makes him very glad, therefore Kapiladeva was very glad to hear that his Mother was eager to receive information on how to be delivered from material bondage. Now the conversation between them takes place as follows:

Mata Devahuti told her son Kapil Muni that, may be I am holding a very respectable position in the eyes of this world being the wife of Kardama Muni & the mother of you who is none other than Lord Vishnu. However, I am too much engrossed in this illusory world, I am highly addicted in satisfying my senses. Please guide me now, how should I live & what should I do.

kapila devahuti samvad

Kapila Devahuti Samvad

Then Kapilmuni said, by discussing the leela or past deed of God with pure devotees, your heart will be purified & you will feel contented within yourself. By discussing the Bhagwat kathas gradually you will proceed towards salvation and your heart will be filled with respect & love for God. When someone engages himself in devotional work, then he can control his heart, if heart seems to be out of control then be rest assured that the person is not performing any devotional work.

Then Mata Devahuti told, I’m a halfwit, how shall I practice devotion? How shall I serve the lotusfeet of God? How shall I perform the Bhakti Yoga?

In reply to that Lord Kapila gave her certain instructions to be followed-

  1. Possess the equal feelings towards all, it means never differentiate any living being through mere material body or it’s sex, rather consider all living beings as souls, because we all are parts of Paramatma (Supersoul).
  2. Never possess the hatred feelings for anyone.
  3. Don’t get too close or intimate with anyone, it means, you will have the hatred feelings for none, that’s fine, but at the same time it also does not mean that you will start getting mingled up with everyone. Being a devotee you shall always try hard to progress in the path of devotion & get accompanied with devotees only. Don’t consider anyone as your rival, but mix with people or do satsang with people who are engaged in god’s service.
  4. One should carry out the Brahmacharya vrat sincerely, it means, it’s good to stay away from the sex life totally, or else a devotee should marry by following all the vedic rules properly & live a peaceful married life, a couple should come close only with the intention to give birth to a Krishna devotee.
  5. It’s better not to speak, a devotee should remain busy in devotional work only, he should not get indulged himself in meaningless discussion. A true devotee will participate in discussions related to Krishna only.
  6. A devotee should devote all the fruits or results of his karma at the service of Krishna only, it means whatever he will arrange or eat or earn, will utilize the same at the pious service of Krishna only to please him, devotee will do nothing to satisfy his own senses.
  7. One should not waste his precious time of his life by running after the wealth. It means, one should be happy with the earning that comes easily, it’s quite obvious that in order to survive we need wealth, but it also does not mean that one should work 24/7 just to earn the livelihood. Most of the time one should be engaged in devotional work only. And starting from Rich to Poor, anyone can practice the devotional service for Krishna.
  8. One should avoid overeating. It means, you should eat only that much which will be required to survive, you should not overeat in order to satisfy your tongue. And being devotee, one should accept the Krishna Prasadam only, so whatever you wish to eat, first offer the same to Krishna, then accept the same as Prasadam.
  9. A devotee should be thoughtful, he should constantly think of the past glories of Lord Shri Krishna & should also try find out ways to improve himself further at the service of Krishna.
  10. One should not live in a place where there will be the crowd of materialistic people, because people who are under the influence of material nature & it’s charm, will always run after the materialistic development, they have nothing to do with the spiritual development, thus it will have it’s negative impact upon the devotee.
  11. One should remain calm. It means, live your life in a very simple way, neither you should get excited, nor you should react to incidents which are taking place in the material world, rather think how to get the mercy of Lord Krishna & of your Sad Guru (Bonafide Spiritual Master).
  12. Be friendly with everyone. It means, people who are following the path of devotion, be respectful to them & always try to serve them. But, people who are atheists, be patient & spend time with them until your job is not getting done.
  13. People who are simple & innocent by nature, be merciful to them. It means, people who are simple, but not atheist & at the same time who do not have enough spiritual knowledge, be merciful to them and inspire them to become Krishna conscious.
  14. Self realization is must. It means, devotees will never consider themselves as mere material body or mind. Our real identities are that we are the servants of Lord Krishna & we are souls too. If we will always remain careful about this concept then we will become successful in devotional path.
Lord Kapila Muni

Kapil Muni

Next, Mata Devahuti asked “He Bramhan, will the material nature ever allow a person to remain free of it’s influence? Because, it’s quite normal that the materialistic people & the material nature will always attract to each other. Whatever a person does, it’s not possible for him to avoid the influence of material nature as long as the Maya(Illusion) is not setting him free from her great Maya Shakti or illusory power. So, how the problem can be solved from root?

In response to this Kapila Muni replied – “One who is sincere in the Bhakti Marg(Path of devotion) can easily avoid the effect of material nature. When one is sleeping then he might not be conscious & can see many inauspicious aspects while dreaming, but when he wakes up & become conscious, then nothing can create illusion for him. A person who is Krishna conscious, the Maya will never influence him.

Next, Mata Devahuti asked, why sometimes we see devotees do get attracted by the Illusory power & consequently they give up the the Bhaktimarg (path of devotion)?

Kapila Muni replied, devotees who have been serving the Godhead since births after births, they never get attracted by any material aspect of this universe, they are fully conscious. They never get detracked from the path of devotion. Only devotees who are not sincere in Bhakti Marg, they only get attracted or influenced by the Illusion or Maya. People should perform their duties sincerely and will refrain from any activity which is prohibited by the Shastras. According to the shastras, one who is satisfied or content with his present condition, should be treated as rich person, so, we should not think only billionaires & millionaires are the real reach people, dear friends, they are not rich at all, because they are not satisfied with the wealth that they have, they want to acquire more and more money, so one who is never satisfied and aspiring something or the other all the time, should be treated as actual Poor, this is the reason Lord Kapila told to her mother that one should remain satisfied in life with anything that God has given to him and he should constantly engage himself in serving his SadGuru (spiritual master) and worship the God Head.

Here I would like to end this volume 1 of “Kapil-Devahuti Samvad”, in Volume 2, Mata Debahuti will ask how to control the mind, because this is a problem which we all want the solution of, be we are devotees or students or Teachers or CEOs, we all have this problem, so in next volume we will hear the solution direct from Lord Kapila or Kapil Muni. So just stay tuned and pray for me so that Krishna allows me to complete the Volume 2 very soon. In the mean time please don’t forget to share your precious feedback regarding this article & if you will like it then please share in your circle so that others too get to know about “Kapil Debahuti Samvad”. Thank you. Hare Krishna. 🙂