Garg Samhita: Radharani married Krishna in Bhandirvan

Dear Devotees, after publishing my last post on the Raas leela I was getting too many requests from my close friends and others that I should minimize the length of the post, well, I have taken it into consideration and in future I will try to come up with the volume 1/2 concept for those articles which will be longer in length. Even for this post I have tried to shoot a video for all of you so that I can interact with you all and at the same time the post length remains short. Here goes my today’s topic-

Had Radharani got married to Krishna during their leela in Vrindavan?
Yes, they got married in Bhandirvan of Mathura & Lord Bramha played the role of priest during their marriage.
bhandirvanDetails of Radha Krishna’s marriage as per Garg Samhita:
This incident took place during the Val leela of Krishna, one day Nand Baba took him along to a nearby forest from nand gram(village) for cattle grazing purpose. When Nandbaba freed all the cows then he started taking rest beneath a banyan tree. Then Krishna decided to show him a leela (divine play). All of a sudden a huge thunderstorm broke out with heavy rainfall, many trees had been fallen, then seeing these Nandbaba became anxious, because he had to save Little Krishna as well as cattle too. In between Krishna started pretending that he is very scared and he wrapped him tight. Then Nandbaba saw Radharani is coming, seeing Radharani in that forest he became astonished. Then with tearful eyes and devotion he said – “He Radhe, I have heard about you from Garg Muni, you are dear to Shri Hari, even Shri Hari loves you more than he loves Mata Laxmi, I know you very well. He Suvadre, please take along your husband. Do whatever leela you wish to play and then please return our Krishna either to me or to Mata Yashoda at our place in Gokul & then you shall return to your home.”

After saying all these Nand baba placed his little Krishna at the hand of Radha Rani. Getting child krishna on her lap Radharani was smiling and then said to Nand Baba. To know more what happened next follow this video:

Please share this article or the video as much as possible so that the misconception about Radha Krishna’s marriage gets cleared from people’s mind.

6 thoughts on “Garg Samhita: Radharani married Krishna in Bhandirvan

    1. rajtheadmin Post author

      Rajesh Ji, PAMHO! Thank you for writing. However, the Srimad Bhagwatam is explained by Sukhdev Goswami till 9th chapter, after that out of great respect and pure love it was impossible for him to explain anything further to Raja Parikshit, then from 10th chapter Srimati Radha Rani started explaining to Parikshit, however, in disguise of Sukhdev Goswami. Sukhdeva was disciple of Radha Rani, so no where in Bhagwad Maha Puran you will get to know about Srimati Radha Rani, coz, there are 2 reasons, 1) One disciple should never pronounce the name of his Sadguru 2) Being Radha Rani she will never self proclaim about her leela from her own mouth. So in Bhagwad Maha puran you will never get these extreme kathas. I am suggesting you to read one scripture naming as “Glories & Pasttimes of Srimati Radharani”, you will get the copy in Iskcon. Please read that if possible. You will come to know mkany unknown facts. Hare Krishna.

  1. Shivam Pandey

    Maine Santo se suna hai ki krishnaji sabse sundar hai kripya aap krishnaji ki sundarta ka varnan kar sakte hai???

    1. rajtheadmin Post author

      Dear Shivam, please accept my humble obeisances first. May Lord Krishna bless you & your family. Aapne Santo ke bachan me jaise barnan suna wo bilkul sahi hai. Leken mai Bhakti marg me wo uchai nehi chuu paya avi tak jaha se mai apne vasa me unki sundarta ko barnan kar saku. Leken mai aapse ek choti si story share kar raha hu, wo mera 1st visit tha Mayapur me, tab mai bahaut zada indeciplined hua karta tha, Puja me bahaut mann tha, leken dharmik kisi jagah pe jane ka aur na he Bhagwat katha me koi ruchi hua karta tha mera. Life me bahaut jab kharab time se go through kar raha tha to tab ek din baat baat me maine apne parents ko Haa kehh dia Mayapur chalne k lie, uske pehle v mujhe bahaut baar bola gaya tha waha Vagwan k darshan k lie, leken kavi haa nehi kia tha. Leken jab temple me mai apna pehla kadam rakha aur Banke Bihari ji ke aankh me aankh milaya tab apne aapko rok nehi paya. Naino se asru behh para aur Bihari ji se maine mann he mann maafi mang lia. Na maine unki koi kitab para tha, na Gita ka koi sloak suna tha, sirf unke naino ki sundarta me dubta chala gaya aur unhone baas kuch he seconds me mere jivan ko naya mode de dia. Aur 2 din pehle v jab mai Mayapur me gaya tha, tab v mera same haal tha. Baas, baki aap samajh li jie. Hare Krishna.


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