Ramayan: Why Devi Sita had to go to Patal Loka at the end?

Dear Devotees, this is the post which I am going to make now, is in the response I have received against my last post where I explained that it was not the real Sita, but the Maya Sita who was abducted by Ravana. One of my fellow colleagues wants to know that “if it’s what it is, Prabhu Rama has performed the agni yajna to get back his real wife Sita Devi, then why at the end, she went back under the earth (Patala) after Rama proposed another agni yajna after she came back from exile”, the answer of this question was given in one of my previous posts where I explained “What actually caused separation to Lord Rama & Sita“. In that post I told that Mata Sita was cursed by two birds (Tota & Mayna) as when she will get pregnant then she will be separated from Lord Rama and the cause of separation will be intense rumor. So after returning from exile of 14 years Lord Rama was ruling successfully. One day in disguise he started visiting separate places of Ayodhya in order to check if all the people of Ayodhya are living happily or not, suddenly he reached a place where he found a person to have argument with his wife, by profession both were washer men. The reason of their argument was that last day they fought hard, and as a result the wife got so much angry that just in order to maintain distance from her husband she slept in a neighbor’s place, now for that reason the husband was not ready to accept his wife as he started doubting regarding her chastity. In response to that the wife mentioned the example of Raja Ram, she said even after spending so many nights in Ravana’s place if Raja Ram can accept Sita as his wife then why can’t he follow the same, in reply to that then the husband said that had he been in Ram’s place then he would have never accepted Devi Sita as his wife. When Lord Rama listened to that, then he instantly returned to the palace and ordered Laxman to leave Sita in the hermitage of Rishi Valmiki permanently. And Devi Sita was pregnant at that point of time when he took this decision. Lord Rama never wanted his wife to be banished like this, but we need to remember that he was not like any other general person, rather he was an ideal king, and for any ideal king carrying out the Rajdharma is first priority rather than playing the role of an ideal husband. Had he not banished Mata Sita then the issue could have erupted as huge chaos and people would have started raising questions regarding his dedication or devotion towards the Rajdharma. So to stop all these things, banishing Sita was the only option left to Rama.

But now I am giving you the important info regarding the couple who were fighting on that night whom Lord Rama noticed, can you guess their identity? It was none other than both the birds who died cursing Sita in their previous birth, so according to the curse they took their revenge. And Raja Ram too had 1 curse left which was given by Rishi Bhrigu. So it was time to honor the curses of everyone and Lord Rama had shown the example of detachment to his citizen, because for any common man, his wife or children or family will be his top priority and he will always remain materially attached to all these things instead of progressing in the path of spiritual development, but being the ultimate God head Lord Rama had to show them the example and the high level of detachment towards material objects which he did. This is the reason he was known as MARYADA PURUSHOTTAM.
luv kush
Though it was too tough for Laxman, yet he had to leave his mother like Sita in the forest. He told, “Mata, let’s go and meet some Sages in the forest today”, listening to that Mata Sita became very happy as she was getting chance to do the Satsang, so she followed Laxman and boarded on the chariot, Laxman took her to the dense forest, then after some time Devi Sita started feeling thirsty and asked Laxman to arrange water soon. By that time Laxman already came near to the hermitage of Rishi Valmiki, Laxman told Mata Sita to get off from chariot and wait for a short while so that he can fetch water for her, telling this Laxman left the place, as Mata Sita was too much tired for the journey so she got slept off, later when she opened her eyes then discovered a letter was left for her by Laxman where it was written that Lord Rama has banished her, reading that letter Mata Sita cried like anything, to see her condition all the animals of the forest surrounded her, ducks brought water for her, the Lion said “Mata, as I am the king of this Jungle, so I am promising that you will have no problem to face, may be Lord Rama has left you, but we, the children of yours will always take care of you Mata”. By that time few sages already heard the crying voice of Sita and they took her to the ashram of Valmiki. Later Mata Sita gave birth to her child Luv. One day she left for Jungle in order to arrange dry woods, everyday she used to keep Luv in the ashram itself, but on that day she took him along with her. When Rishi Valmiki did not find Luv in the hut, then thinking of the possibility of being attacked by some ferocious animals, he thought that if Sita will not find her son after returning then out of grief she will go mad. So he took a Kush (durva or Grass of a specific kind) and made a twin of Luv who was looking exactly like him. Later when Mata Sita was returning to the ashram then Rishi Valmiki saw Luv in her lap, then he told everything to Devi Sita and proposed to terminate the existence of Kush, at this, Mata Sita requested him not to do so and started upbringing both. Luv & Kush continued to read Ramayana from Rishi Valmiki. Once when Lord Rama was performing Ashvamedha Yajna then Luv & Kush captured the horses of the yajna in the forest. Then situation became like that when Lord Rama had to come himself to rescue the horses from Lav Kush as his other brothers were already defeated by both of them, but with the intervention of Hanuman & Rishi Valmiki the war did not take place between father & son, actually Lord Rama knew very well about the identity of Luv, Kush. However he had to make the Lila(Divine play). Finally Lord Rama wanted to bring Devi Sita and his sons back to Ayodhya, for this he requested to Rishi Valmiki to bring them all to the Rajsava.

sita patal prabeshHowever, when they were brought, then again few dirty minded people started raising questions regarding Sita Mata’s character to which Ram Chandra’s heart was broken, however, he requested Mata Sita to prove her chastity once again by walking through the fire, but this time Mata Sita took extreme step, she gave pariksha for one more time, but called her mother the Bhumi Devi and took the final refuge to her. In this way she gave the last proof of her chastity.

Actually, this was the time when Lord Rama had to return to the Vaikuntha, because Luv, Kush was already prepared to rule the kingdom. So he sent Mata Sita first to Vaikuntha and later along with his brothers and other allies he left the mortal body by the bank of river Sarayu and left for Vaikuntha. In this way through out the life Raja Ram and Mata Sita went on making sacrifices and bore pain, but in return they always gave blessings only to everyone. Jai Shri Ram, Jai Mata Sita, Jai Hanuman, Hare Krishna.

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  1. Devotee

    I have a doubt..Jai hanuman wil reach ravanas place and meet mata sita he wil give rama’s kanayali and get mata sitas sudamani..If mata sita is not real sita in ravana palace means then how could she give her soodamani to jai hanuman..

    1. rajtheadmin Post author

      Thanks for your comment. What you have said is highly logical question. However, I will refrain from making any comment to this until and unless I am getting answer from any bonafide spiritual messenger. Thank you. Hare Krishna.

  2. c s jha


    Really appreciate the great service that you are rendering to the needy society despite your busy schedule. Only one request, I find little deviation in the story from Valmiki Ramayan, Kindly provide references of the source material. It will bring complete authenticity in your writing.

  3. Kavitha

    if rama really wated to set example then He could have set himself on trial for Killing vali from behind and blind couples only son. but mata Gita set the example,MATA suffered all the time.


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