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Interesting Spiritual Questions and Authentic Answers – Volume 1

Respected Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances, I am overwhelmed & thankful to all of you for the Warm Response that you all have shown towards my last article on Putrada Ekadashi. Thank You everyone from the core of my heart, I really mean it. 🙂 Before the next Ekadashi arrives, let me start a new trend of answering to Interesting Spiritual Questions in a very brief manner.

Purpose behind starting this new trend: I am sharing a true incident, few months back I went to buy Cow milk from a nearby Goshala, there I found a man who also came to buy milk with his little daughter, when the kid asked her father why he is buying the cow milk instead of buying packaged milk that are easily available in market, her father replied to her as– “after we take birth birth in this world, cow milk is the milk that is offered first to us….”. I felt very bad thinking the poor fate of that little soul who was being misguided by her father, I won’t expect any such daughter or father in future with such misleading information, so this new Question-Answer format is a small initiative from my part to clear the basic spiritual confusions. Let’s start it–

Set of 5 Spiritual Questions

Q 1: If God is so nice then why this World is so bad which is his own creation? Here we suffer from Pain, Death, we cry- what’s the significance of all these?

Ans: This world is like a Jail or Prison. This is called “Dukhalayam”, means place of Sufferings. According to Vedic scriptures, we have been sent to this prison as we turned our face from God & shown our interest in Earthly or Material enjoyment. Prisoners are sent to prison. The prison is meant for Punishment. So, if a prisoner considers the Govt as bad for creating Prison for him, then he is nothing but a fool. The creation of Prison will never be counted as offense for any king. However, once the punishment period is over, then there is opportunity to become free. After becoming free until and unless a person commits any offense, he will never be sent back to the prison. Wise men will never like to suffer repeatedly the pain of this material world, so they will choose the path of Devotion and serve Lord Krishna in order to return to his actual abode which is the Lotus feet of Shri Krishna.

spiritual questions & authentic answers

Spiritual Questions & Authentic Answers

Q 2: From Vedic scriptures we get to know that the “Good” & “Bad” both have been created by Krishna, then why he created the Bad or Evil part in this world?

Ans: Without the existence of 2 different natures Diversity can not be realized. Similarly, one can feel the quality of goodness in life only when he has experienced something bitter in past. No one would have given value to Light without the presence of Darkness. Since some of us are having the evil tendency in our heart, that’s the reason a separate arrangement has been made to live in the dark world. As few citizens commit crimes, so prison has been created by Government to keep them separate from the civilized society, but it does not mean that everyone is being asked to live in prison or being advised to do the bad things. Krishna has blessed us with “Intelligence” through which we can judge the difference between good & bad, so even after that if we are doing something bad, then it’s our mistake, Krishna is no way liable for this.

Q 3: The summary of Bhagwad Gita is– “Whatever happened, happened for the good; whatever is happening, is happening for the good; whatever will happen, will also happen for the good only. You need not have any regrets for the past. You need not to worry for the future. The present is happening…”. So, everything that we are doing, according to Bhagwad Gita those are good things only, isn’t it right?

Ans: One who has done Punya/auspicious work in past is enjoying the heavenly pleasure now, so this is good. One, who committed Sin in past, is now experiencing the pain like hell, this suffering is actually destroying the effect of his bad karma & post suffering he will get a fresh chance to rectify himself, so considering his Future this is obviously Good. One, who is continuously engaged in sinful activity, will definitely go to the Naraka or hell and will be punished. Ethically this is also good. It is written in Scriptures that one who is behaving like a beast even after getting the human body, in next life he will be getting the body of an animal. But if someone is engaged in Harinam Sankirtan, then after death he shall return to his original abode which is Vaikuntha dham. So, according to our Karma either we will be rewarded or be punished. And this overall system is really very Good.

Q 4: Why God has created this World?

Ans: Since we are the parts & parcels of Super Soul, so we have freedom in limited version.
Jivas can wish to engage themselves in sense gratification & enjoy this material world. In order to fulfil such wishes of Jivas this material world has been created by God. But the scope of engagement in Satsang or Sadhusang is also available here, because at the end when Jivas will realize that the true happiness is not available in this material world, then they can engage themselves in Satsang & return to the Spiritual world of Krishna. This is the reason God has created this world.

vaikuntha loka

Vaikuntha Loka

Q 5: Who has the majority in this Universe, Devotees or Non-Devotees?

Ans: The Whole Universe consists of Spiritual & Material worlds– the Material world is just 1/3rd of the Whole Universe & the rest 3/4th are the Vainkuntha loka which is known as Chid Jagat or Spiritual World. In Vaikuntha all are devotees. And, within the material world The upper planetary systems are meant for devotees only, though they are not the ones who are selfless devotees. On our Earth most of us are ruled by the effect of Kaliyuga. So, the number of devotees are greater in the Universe. 🙂

If you all are having any confusion with the terms of Universe, World, Upper Planetary systems then let me explain it in a very simple manner–
Upon creating this Universe, Lord Krishna filled half of the Universe with Water, he created his residence in that & manifested the 14 worlds in the other half. According to Srimad Bhagvatam: “The upper planetary systems are (1) Bhu, (2) Bhuvar, (3) Svar, (4) Mahar, (5) Janas, (6) Tapas and (7) Satya. The seven lower planetary systems are (1) Tala, (2) Atala, (3) Vitala, (4) Nitala, (5) Talatala, (6) Mahatala and (7) Sutala. The lower planets as a whole are called Patala. Among the upper planetary systems, Bhu, Bhuvar and Svar constitute Swargaloka, and the rest are called Martya(The Earth or Prithvi Loka). The entire universe is thus known as Triloka.”.

Hope, this article has given you many unknown answers of Your Spiritual Questions, I am limiting this Volume 1 with above 5 Questions only so that you all can concentrate well & in next volume I will be back with 5 more interesting Spiritual Questions along with answers of those. Please share this article more & more among your friends & relatives so that they can also clear their confusions and move towards the Spiritual World with the clear concept in mind.

Ramayan – Had Devi Sita really been abducted by Ravana? Know the Truth

Was Mata Sita ever been stolen or abducted by Ravana?
No, she was never stolen or got abducted, but was exchanged with Maya Sita(unreal Sita), the Maya sita is also known as Chaya Sita who was the reincarnation of Vedavati. As per the Skanda Purana, before Ravana came to abduct Devi Sita she was already got replaced by Agni dev’s own wife Swaha and further she was taken to the Pataal Loka. Later Lord Vishnu thanked Agni dev for this help.

Who are Vedbati & Swaha?
Vedbati was the daughter of Kusadhvaja who is the son of Brihaspati(the Guru of demigods). Bramharshi Kusadhvaja spent his entire life by studying the Vedas and when his daughter was born, he named her as Vedavati. Vedavati’s father always wanted Lord Vishnu to be the husband of his daughter, so according to that she started meditating to get Vishnu as her husband. She was very beautiful and as a result many powerful Kings wanted to marry her, however she rejected everyone & concentrated hard in meditation. Many days passed by in this way. Later, one day Ravana found Vedavati when she was meditating, impressed by her beauty Ravana proposed to marry her, but Vedavati strongly rejected him and told that she has already accepted the Lord Vishnu as her husband, so she can not accept anyone else in this world, but hearing this Ravana got furious and in many way he tried to defame Lord Vishnu, but when each time he got rejected strongly then he grabbed her hair, then the fuming Vedavati instantly cut off her hair and said that in front of his eyes she will now enter into the fire and die, but she will reborn and become the reason of the destruction of Ravana. In her next birth this Vedavati became the wife of Agni Dev as “Swaha”. So it was not the real Sita whom Ravana abducted, rather it was Maya Sita, the wife of Agni Dev. Vedavati did not curse Ravana as the same could have exhausted her tapobal(penance power), rather she accepted to return in other age and become the cause of Ravana’s destruction. Lord Vishnu never lets his devotees to suffer, Mata Sita was definitely his wife, but more than that she was a true devotee, as a result she protected the real Sita with help of Agni Dev, and the Maya Sita or Vedavati too was his devotee, but before her death in previous birth as she said it to be the reason of Ravana’s destruction, so Lord Rama had to allow Vedavati to get abducted, or else the supreme Lord would have never let it happen.
abduction of maya sita
I am telling you one more fact which will prove that the real Sita Mata was more than enough to kill Ravana of her own, it was not required even to intervene Lord Rama to save Devi Sita. We all know about the heavy bow that was given to King Janak by Lord Shiva, the bow was so much heavy that whenever for any reason there was any requirement of bringing the same to the sava (assembly) then many elephants used to be engaged to execute that, but Devi Sita was capable enough to lift the bow with mere left hand of her. Everyday Devi Sita used to clean the surrounding area of the bow where it used to be kept so that her father can come and perform the nitya puja(daily worship) to the bow. One day the king noticed that today mud has been applied beneath the bow too, seeing that he was astonished and called mata Sita and came to know that it was her own daughter who did so, even Devi Janki again lifted the bow in front of Janak with one hand and shown him that how easy it was for her to lift it. So dear friends, just imagine the immense power of Devi Sita, this was the same bow that could not have been moved even a inch by 10 kings even with their joint efforts, more than that Ravana who used to claim himself as the most powerful king on earth, also failed to lift it, then how come you think that the same person could have abducted Devi Sita. It was impossible. 🙂

During the 1 year period the real Sita was in the refuge of Agni Dev, and the Maya Sita was in the Ashok Vatika with the same intense pain of separation from Lord Ram and Lord Ram too had the same feeling of separation. When in Ram avtar Lord Vishnu came on earth then it used to be called as “Maryada Purushottam” & he was 1 Patni vrata(promised to have only 1 wife), so it was not possible for him to accept Vedavati and in 2nd incarnation Vedavati also became the wife of Agni dev as Swaha. So Lord Ram had to make arrangements[Agni Parikshya] so that the actual Sita again can be brought back after Ravana was killed. And the same Devi Swaha was later reborn as Devi Padmavati whom we consider as the form of Goddess Laxmi itself, and in this 3rd reincarnation finally she got Lord Vishnu as her husband [Consort of Sri Venkateshwara]
sita's agni parishya
Agni Parikshya of Devi Sita: Lord Rama had no doubt about the virtuousness or the chastity of Devi Sita, however the actual intention of Lord Rama was to bring the real Sita back from Agni Dev, so he made a Lila [Divine Play] out there, to prove the chastity he allowed Devi Sita to walk through the fire and then Agni Dev himself appeared before Ram Chandra and handed over the real Sita to him, so it was the 2nd time when both, the actual Sita and Maya Sita changed their places again.

And without knowing all these facts shamelessly we raise fingers against Lord Rama. Specially I see the modern society and the women who raise these issues anywhere & almost everywhere in the society and start debating. But dear Moms & Sisters, it would be my humble request to all of you to read our bonafide shastras or Vedas or scriptures before making as such any issues, otherwise unknowingly you are committing sins, do you think that Devi Sita enjoys when you make statement against her beloved Lord Rama. please don’t forget that devotees can tolerate all the humiliation and pains, but we the devotees can’t tolerate anything against our Lord. So think thousand times in future before committing such sinful activity. Chant Hare Krishna Maha Mantra & be happy in Life. 🙂