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Importance of Saphala Ekadashi

Respected Devotees, after a long time I am going to narrate something in this domain & undoubtedly it’s Krishna’s wish & mercy that he has enabled me to write. Recently a good thing has happened in my life, I have started performing the Ekadashi vrat & credit goes to one of my closest friends who paved the way for me. May Krishna bless her with pure devotion. 🙂

Let’s come back to the topic, as this is the time of December & dark fortnight of the month, so during this time the Ekadashi vrat which we perform, is known as Saphala Ekadashi. It falls on the Paush Krishna Paksha. The significance of this Safala Ekadashi has been narrated in Brahmanda Purana also.

When Dharmaraj Yudhisthir asked Lord Krishna about the merit of this Saphala Ekadashi, then in response to that Krishna replied as – “I do not become as pleased by sacrifice or charity as I do by My devotee’s observance of Ekadashi, to the best of one’s ability, therefore, one should fast on Saphala Ekadashi, the day of Shri Hari”. He further added that the way Sesh-Nag is the best among all snakes, Garud is the best among all birds, Bramhins are the best among human beings, similarly among all fasting days or Vrat(s) Ekadashi is the best or most dearest to me. So, people who observe this Ekadashi vrat are dear to me. In this material world I bless them with wealth & after death I bless them with salvation. The result or fruit which can not be achieved even after the penance of 1000 years, can easily be attained by staying awake for the whole night during this Saphala Ekadashi.

ekadashi importance

Lord Krishna Telling Ekadashi Importance to Pandavas.

History Behind Saphala Ekadashi: Once there was a king named as Mahismat in the city of Champavati, he had 4 sons, among those his eldest son Lumpaka was engaged in various sinful activities like enjoying illicit sex with wives of others, drinking wine, gambling and many such activities. He always used to criticize Brahmans & Vaishnavas. The king was very much annoyed with his behavior and finally exiled him from his kingdom.

After this Lumpaka decided that he shall stay in the dark forest during day time & visit back to the kingdom during darkness of night in order to steal valuables. Various times he was nabbed red handed, but out of fear of king & mercy people freed him repeatedly. During day time Lumpaka used to kill many innocent animals, in this way he was continuously engaged in sinful activities.

There was an old Banyan tree in that forest & it’s the known fact that Lord Krishna resides in Banyan tree, this is the reason in Indian culture we worship Banyan trees. Lumpaka used to reside under that tree. After a long time due to the effect of his good karma of previous birth he survived the day of Dashami by eating fruits only, during night he suffered tremendously due to extreme cold & lost his consciousness, on the very next day it was the day of Saphala Ekadashi, but for the sufferings of last night he laid down their unconscious even after the sun rise, during afternoon he regained his consciousness & arranged some fruits from forest. By the time he returned to the banyan tree, the sun had set. So, he started taking rest, during night he became very weak for the insufficient foods. Then to save himself he started praying to Lord Narayan, offered all the fruits that he collected & prayed further to lord. In this way he spent the night by fasting & staying awake. Lord Narayan considered the whole thing as equivalent of performing Ekadashi Vrat. 🙂

krishna prasadam

Krishna Prasadam

In this way unwittingly Lumpaka observed Safala Ekadashi. After the sunrise there was a voice from clear Blue Sky (Akash vani)– Oh Son, because of the effect of performing Saphala Ekadashi your kingdom will be returned to you without any further delay. And, right after that announcement Lumpaka got a divine body, all his sinful thoughts were vanished. In this way he regained his right place in the dynasty. After living few years happily with his son & wife he handed over his kingdom to his son & went to forest as Sanyasi in order to serve Lord with pure devotion in heart. Finally during death he was able to return to the lotus feet of Krishna. 🙂

Finally Lord Krishna concluded by saying that — “Yudhisthir, in this way whoever performs the Saphala Ekadashi like Lumpaka, enjoys the Earthly Happiness during this life & returns to Baikuntha after death. And, one who simply listens to the glories of Saphala Ekadashi, obtains the same merit derived by one who performs a Raja-suya-yajna & goes to heaven in his next birth”.

Hope, this article will help you all to become more Krishna conscious. Feel free to write to me at: rajeshrocks[dot]kolkata[at]gmail[dot]com or simply share your feedback by posting comments. Due to busy office life I might take a bit of time to respond to your comments, but I will respond for sure.  Hare Krishna. 🙂

What is Satsang & Why we need it in Life?

What is Satsang or Satsangam?

The satsang is nothing but the company of a Sadguru or a spiritual master. When we take birth on this earth then our mother becomes the first Guru in our lives, later when we take the deeksha from any Sadguru then he becomes our spiritual master who guides us and helps us in devotional path to meet the Krishna. So when you meet your Guru or assemble in a spiritual event where many other devotees have arrived then it’s a satsang, in those types of spiritual events devotees listen to the kathas like Bhagwat katha, Ramayan katha, Shiv Katha and many other, they discuss several devotional matters, resolve their devotional queries, sing Bhajans and the entire process helps to sprout the seed of Bhakti(devotion) in you. 🙂


Why we need to engage ourselves in Satsang?

Once there was a newly married couple, one day the wife told her husband to take her to the Radha Madhav’s temple in Vrindaban, to hear that the husband took her to the Banke Bihari’s temple, if any of you ever been to the Radha Damodar mandir in Vrindaban, then you must have noticed that in regular short intervals the priests cover the face of Banke Bihari. When the couple reached the temple for darshan(sight) then it was covered, so they both were waiting for the curtain to be raised, once priests raised the curtain then everyone including the husband too were seeing the the bigraha(idol) of Radha Madhav, but as the face of his wife was covered with headscarf(Ghunghat), so she was not being able to see anything, even both of her hands were decorated with Mehendi, so she was completely helpless and requested her husband for help, when her husband removed the ghunghat then finally she was able to see the Radha Damodar.

Like that wife, we all are having 2 lair of obstacles in our lives too that restrict us from walking along the spiritual path and meet Krishna, one lair is the lair of our strong attachment or addiction towards material objects (property, car, bank balance, jewellery and all types of luxurious goods) which has covered our eyes and the other one is the lair of Prabhu’s Kripa (Maya or Illusion). The moment we think of meeting Krishna then instantly he removes the lair of his Kripa, but in order to remove the lair of our eyes, Satsang and Sadgurus only play the role of that husband and help us to meet Krishna.🙂 So always love and respect Sant Mahtmaas. God says that he is omnipresent in this world, he is present in every atom of this universe, but Sant Mahatmas and Sadgurus are rare and can be achieved in life only through blessings. So always posses the seva vab(willingness to serve) in heart and offer your seva selflessly to your parents, idol of Krishna/Shiva at home, do the Gau seva, refrain from consuming meat, intoxication, illicit sex and keep on serving every living being in sansar, in this way one day you will meet the SadGuru who will help to turn the sapling of Bhakti into a Large Tree within your heart. And when you will start following the Bhaktimarg (path of devotion) then your heart will be filled with divine happiness, remember one thing, pleasure and happiness both are fully different, pleasure is related with 14 senses (5 Karmendriya, 5 Gyanendriya and rest 4 are Mann, Budhdhi, Chitta & Ahankar) and the same can be got through material elements, but it can give you momentary happiness only. But once you will become the devotee and start serving Lord Krishna then you will experience the transcendental happiness within your soul itself. Never think that YOU as a mere body which you have got, since your birth you have left many bodies and now you do not look the same that you been 5 years back, even 10 years down the line also you will leave many bodies, but the soul within you, never gets changed, the journey of your soul will be eternal, it will continue even after the death of your body. Finally when you will go back to the lotus feet of Krishna then at the entrance you will see your Sadguru is there who will walk the final steps and take you to the Lotus feet of Radha Madhav. So engage yourself in Satsang as much as possible.

I am having a very close friend of mine in office, when I had no idea about devotion and all then during my tough moments he used come to my cabin and teach me regarding Satsang, today when I have started walking along the right path then I do see him far away trapped in the sea of sufferings, but I always pray for him so that Radha Madhav brings his child back in track, and if he comes back and become devotee again then it’s my promise that one day we will make a joint post for all of you here and you people will see both of our snaps here together. 🙂

If you have liked the post then please don’t forget to share it among your friends circle and families. And if there will be any Satsang at your place within Kolkata then you can consider inviting me to participate. I will cover the entire event and help it to go live on web through this site and my official page, i.e; https://www.facebook.com/RajeshHaldarofficial

Hare Krishna! 🙂