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Respected devotees, please accept my humble obeisance. Today I am going to narrate the remaining part of Kapila-Debahuti Samvad in this Volume-2. I felt extremely blessed to see the warm response for the Volume-1 of Kapila Devahuti Samvad, so let’s start with the remaining questions of Mata Debahuti.

Q: Mata Devahuti asked how to fix the mind?

Ans: In reply to that Lord Kapila said, if one can control his breath, then mind can be controlled. Regarding this, personally I would like to add that, few days back when I was listening to the Bhagwat Katha from Kirit Vai Maharaj, then he too said the same thing, the longer you can stop your breath, the more you will be free from all the negative energies like Lust, Anger, Greediness & many more. And, this is something which you need to practice regularly.

Lord Kapila then also asked his mother regarding one other way out to control the restless mind, i.e; during the problematic situations one should recall the beauty of God which is divine & very nice. God is always ready to shower his blessings & do mercy to all his devotees unconditionally. Being human, we should always chant his name; imagine his divine form, recall the past glories etc. One should keep on meditating the beauty of God until his mind is not getting settled.

Q: Mata Devahuti asked how to meditate the beauty of God?

Ans: Then Lord Kapila answered that—

lotus feet of krishna

Lotus feet of Krishna

  1. First, one should meditate his Lotus-feet which hold the pious signs of Flag, Thunderbolt, and Lotus etc. This is the feet from which the sacred river Ganga has appeared & Lord Shankar is holding this very river in his head. Goddess Laxmi always keeps on serving these pious feet with extreme care. After waking up in the morning, one who imagines the Lotus feet of God, all his sins gets vanquished instantly.
  2. Next, one should meditate on his 2 knees which are the base of all the powers. Then think of his Pitambar & his waist line.
  3. Next, imagine his Naval where from the Lotus has appeared, this is the Lotus which is the abode of Lord Bramha.
  4. Then, think of his chest & aureola which are covered by the precious gem named as “Markat”.
  5. Then think of his entire chest which is covered with the milky white Pearl necklaces & chains. Goddess Laxmi resides in his chest in the form of a Golden line. The chest of God is the actual source of all divine pleasures and renders full satisfaction to our mortal eyes.
  6. Next, we should imagine his throat which is decorated with the jewel named as Koustav.
  7. Next, we should imagine both the hands of God which are the sources of energy of all demigods.
  8. Next, think of his Lotus Face, his ears which are decorated with earrings. His pointed nose is making his face look more beautiful. Then, his curly hairs which are the source of clouds, his lotus like eyes, the divine eyebrows that can enchant the hearts of thousands of cupids. His eyes which are always full of mercy, his lips that chuckles. One who imagines God in this way with full of devotion in heart, gets relieved from all the sufferings of this material world. A distressed person, who imagines God in his smiling form, instantly all his tears get absorbed by the grace of Lord.
kapila & mata devahuti samvad

Kapila & Mata Devahuti Samvad

Q: Next, Mata Devahuti requested her son to guide her regarding the path of devotion or Bhaktimarg.

Ans: Lord Kapila answered as – Mata, the path of devotion has separate forms according to the separate qualities present in different individuals—

  1. One, who is performing the bhakti or devotional services, but feels very proud of himself, boasts about his devotion towards Lord, feels jealous to others, angry in nature, one who considers himself as the best devotee, is actually possessing the impure form of devotion within himself. This is also known as mixed devotion or Tamas or Tamasik devotion. This form of devotion is very inferior in quality. These types of devotees also think that one day they too will be like God.
  2. One, who is not bothered about the happiness of God, but only focussed in getting boons that will eventually make him famous in material world, is also a kind of devotion which is influenced by the Rajas or Rajasik guna.
  3. Devotees, who wish to free themselves from all types of fruitItive activities, perform rituals and worship God and put all the fruit of their acts at the lotus feet of God, is also a kind of devotion which is known as Satwik Devotion.
  4. When a devotee worships God out of his pure love where he has no expectation at all, is the purest form of devotion. A pure devotee, will always do things to please Krishna only, behind any of his acts, there will be no selfishness. These types of proactive services towards Lord are fully transcendental in nature & it never gets contaminated by the effect of material world.

Q: Mata Devahuti asked to Lord Kapila about the signs of a devotee and the duties to be performed by them.

Ans: Lord Kapila answered that a devotee should regularly visit to temples where he will see the idol or the Arch-bigraha form of deities, will worship God and will join the prayer too. Devotees should also consider everyone as the part & parcel of super soul, he will respect every words of Sadguru (his bonafide master) and carry out all the duties suggested in shastras. Regularly one should join the Satsang & listen to the devotional kathas like Bhagwad Maha Puran, Ramayan Katha & study the slokas of Bhagwad gita. A devotee will always engage himself in chanting the divine name of Hari or the Hare Krishna Maha Mantra.

I would like to stop the Volume-2 here as 2 very important discussions to be covered in Volume-3 where Lord Kapila will explain to Mata Devahuti about the repeated birth & death cycle. And, that explanation is directly related to the contemporary world and many of you will see direct resemblance of your life in Volume 3. Even, you all will come to know about the astonishing facts regarding the pains of a new born baby that he suffers for long 9 months staying within the womb of mother.

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